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Industries are changing at such a rapid pace that many employers and employees may feel left behind, not relevant, or inexperienced in dealing with such change which is leading to an increase in mental health issues. With so many facing uncertainties, potential unemployment, dramatic changes in their industry, or a lack of purpose this is a time of high anxiety, high stress, disengagement, and crisis.

But one company has realised that embracing ‘unlearning’ can lead to new breakthroughs.  A new skill to recognise what to stop doing. AQai, an intelligent algorithm platform that measures, understands, and improves an individual’s or teams adaptability quotient (AQ), found that the ability to unlearn could boost adaptability by 40%.  

Ross Thornley, co-founder and CEO says; “Unlearning is an important skill, one which is key to remaining relevant in a technology-driven world. The ability to reassess processes, behaviours, and actions that are no longer valid, to accept things that may now be no longer serving you.  Especially when those very things helped you to get where you are today. Specific practices of unlearning will allow room to learn the skills required for the future and keep businesses more relevant and sustainable. This can all be done by determining your AQ.

“For the first time, with the help of psychology, data, and leading scientist research, AQ can now be accurately measured.  The measurement is broken down into ability (how and to what degree can you adapt), character (who adapts and why?), and environment (when does someone adapt and to what degree?).”

The founders, Ross Thornley and Mike Raven number one mission is not to leave anyone behind, and are determined to help 100 million people reach their true potential.  With their platform, users can analyse their current adaptability score and profile  Insights across 15 dimensions, from resilience, hope, and mental flexibility, to team support, emotional stress, and thinking style. 

This platform is relevant for employees who have just started working at a new company to those who have been working in their current job for 40 years. It also shows employers the specific AQ profiles and scores across their team and supports transformations for learning and development whether it’s to upskill or reskill. 

Ross Thornley, co-founder, and CEO of AQai says; “It is essential for employers to adapt at speed.  They need to understand the environments at which accelerate innovation, cultivate psychological safety, and above all flexibility for both new innovation and proposition development and the way workers contribute their time, value and expertise.  

“Employers also need to take a proactive responsibility for the mental health impact and needs created from remote and isolated work.  Reimagining how they engage, reward and support their workforce to ensure the three b’s are managed; burnout, breakdown and boredom, each a potential tripwire for the organisation of the future and their people.”

As unemployment soars, AQai is offering a new operating system for change, which means affordable personalised coaching for all, an AQ solution for career navigation, and the future of work.  

For more information on AQai, one of the most extensive measurements of the adaptability quotient to help you understand yourself, your team, and the world around you, please visit