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Recruitment Solutions

How we provide you with Utilities Staff & Recruitment Services

How we provide you with Permanent Recruitment Services

We prefer to work with you as your preferred recruitment partner which allows us to add more value and work as an extension of your business.

When we engage with a you we regard communication as a key factor, we look to establish clear channels early in the process with end users and decision makers where appropriate.

We aim to mirror your companies ethos and work in conjunction with company policies in order to add the maximum benefit to the you and your prospective employees.

When providing you with staff we have 3 main aims:

  • Reduce Your Commercial Downtime
  • Increase Your New Employee Retention
  • Reduce Your Overall Cost to Hire

We prefer to work with you as your preferred recruitment partner which allows us to add more value to your process and present your company in the right way to candidates.
Temporary staff can be provided for any period of engagement from 1 day up to 2 years dependant on your requirements.

Our temporary staffing solutions are all compliant with relevant legislation and covered by a comprehensive insurance policy covering any IR35 claims, Employment Liability £10m, Public Liability £5m, Professional Indemnity £5m to give you a risk free solution.

We utilise an online timesheet solution where staff submit their hours worked and you receive an e-mail notification to check and sign them off weekly.

Our recruitment offerings

We offer 3 distinct methods of recruitment to achieve this.

Silver Gold Platinum
Advertise Jobs Included Included Included
Source Talent on the Market Included Included Included
Assess Applicants Included  Included  Included
CV’s & Professional Opinion Included Included Included
Rebate Period 12 Weeks 12 Months 12 Months
Payment Terms 14 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Video Introduction Included
Video Assessment Included
Written Response to Pre-Interview Questions Included
McQuaig Job Survey Included
McQuaig Candidate Assessment Included
McQuaig Candidate Comparison Report Included

We are happy to go through this in more detail either over the phone or in person, just give us a call or drop us an email to arrange a suitable time.

Industry Leading 12 Month Candidate Rebate Period

In an industry with an annual staff turnover of over 15%, 2C recruitment recognises the need to offer an innovative rebate period. 2C recruitment are in a position to offer a 12 month rebate period covering all employees placed.

Brian and the team at 2C Recruitment would be an asset to any business looking to work with a recruitment firm whose overriding desire is to get the best candidate for their client.

People & Culture – Industrial IT Solutions

I have worked with Brian at 2C recruitment on a number of staffing projects across the UK. He is an excellent recruiter who takes his time to understand the requirement and has always provided quality candidates within our budgets and time frames.

Head of People – Technology Business

Fantastic experience as a candidate of Brian's...Brian proactively approached me about an opportunity working for what turned out to be one of the Times Top 100 small companies to work for.... I ended accepting a role which fits like a glove, at a company I can really see myself building a career in. I couldn't have had a better experience, and would recommend Brian & 2C to anyone seeking a new role or change in path.

Account Manager – Industrial IT Solutions

Lawrence has a clear ability to network and identify opportunity but his key strength is in bringing both together. An extremely proficient recruiter who is keen to adopt innovative methods to set himself apart from the rest and ensure he gets the best outcome for all. Committed and driven to deliver.

HR Director Multi Utility Company

In my dealings with Brian at 2C Recruitment I was impressed with the level and quality of communication during the whole engagement process. I would happily refer Brian to my professional network.

Multi Utility Business Development Manager

Lawrence has played a key part in me settling into my new role quickly. In the interview stage, he was friendly and clear about what was happening and was always helping put my mind at ease. He frequently checks up to see how new starts are settling in, and if there is anything else that is required to make life a bit easier while still adjusting to the company.

Multi Utility Designer

Lawrence is a conscientious individual who is able to engage with his clients in a professional but friendly and personal manner. He is a recruitment specialist who will identify your skills and offer guidance and support to ensure that you gain employment. In terms of liaison and customer service, Lawrence is second to none and I would highly recommend him.

Contact Centre Case Manager

Lawrence is passionate with his work and he goes out of his way to get the job done. He is dedicated to providing and implementing the best service to his clients and colleagues. No job is too small for Lawrence and his capabilities, he is one committed individual to his job and his duties to completely fulfil to the end. I have no reservations of endorsing Lawrence in any position he is in or his capabilities to get the task done.

Customer Service Advisor

I honestly have not come across a recruitment agency so professional, efficient and solely care about you. Brian was incredibly helpful, there for you and responded so fast. I had an experience before where I had to wait ages after calling numerous times to hear back from a recruiter but Brian always made time to answer questions or affirm any confusions. Even the company I was introduced through him said how they always trusted employees 2C sent their way. Professional, friendly and incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for helping me find a job with great development opportunities!! 🙂

Customer Service Advisor

Client FAQ’s

Why use a recruitment agency?

As an employer, the cost and time burden involved with direct recruitment can be onerous, taking key staff away from their day to day work and placing a strain on operational delivery. Associated recruitment costs, such as advertising, design, media placement and logistics can also be highly expensive, and the process requires in-depth expertise and knowledge to ensure successful placement – specialist skill-sets which in-house provision may be ill placed to provide.

By employing a specialist recruitment agency such as 2C Recruitment, you gain peace of mind, and access to specialist skill-sets and recruitment channels. At 2C Recruitment we provide a ‘right first time’ service that is of the highest quality, fairly priced, and which provides you with the talent your business needs.

As your recruitment agency partner, 2C Recruitment will handle every aspect of the process, according to your specific brief. This will generally start with role definition and assessment, progress through to targeted advertising and candidate engagement, move into screening, assessment and interview, and finally result in a high-quality hire that is in line with your business objectives, and compliant with recruitment law.

We work extremely closely with each of our business clients to establish their detailed brief and to understand their business. This ensures that we are sourcing the right staff for the brand, and increases retention of subsequent appointees.

What is a temporary worker?

Many organisations use flexible and temporary workers in today’s competitive business environment. The temporary worker, or ‘temp’, is provided by a recruitment agency for a particular assignment. This assignment will generally take place over a defined period of time.

As the recruitment agency, 2C Recruitment will cover all relevant costs, including employer tax contributions and holiday pay, and handle the administration associated with managing temporary staff.

As the client company, you will simply pay an agreed hourly rate that is defined before the assignment commences. This flexible employment arrangement is highly attractive to businesses that need to ramp up staffing requirements quickly and easily – for example, for rapid contract deliveries or expansions, or to rapidly gain access to a particular skill-set, without needing to increase fixed staffing levels.

What is a permanent employee?

A permanent employee is employed by your business, and sourced via2C Recruitment as the recruitment agency. Under this arrangement, the business will incur all of the new employee’s costs once in post – including employer tax contributions, holiday and sickness pay and salary arrangements.

A single one-off fee will also be payable to 2C Recruitment for managing the sourcing process from start to finish. This is generally set as a percentage of the new employee’s first year annual salary, and the fee structure will be agreed beforehand.

Some businesses will keep a recruiter on retainer for high volume and repeat or specialist recruitment requirements, and benefit from a different fee structure which recognises the higher level of repeat business, and often attracts a range of complementary services within the service level agreement. At 2C Recruitment, we work with a number of key clients in such a way. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Why use 2C Recruitment to find the right permanent staff?

Every business dreads the task of sourcing and employing the best permanent staff! The process can be onerous and highly regulated, and occurs in an extremely competitive market where employers are all vying for the best talent! This combination of factors can result in a real drain on company resources, particularly where an in-house recruitment function doesn’t exist, or isn’t scaled to manage capacity requirements for high volume or specialist hires.

At 2C Recruitment, we take the hassle out of the process and manage it end to end for you, using expert staff and advanced recruitment methods. This is particularly important where clients are seeking staff in specialist fields, or at short notice. We use comprehensive networks, cutting edge engagement techniques, best in class selection processes and significant brand leverage within our markets to find you the right client for the job.

We work closely with you to establish your brief and understand your requirements. Generally this will involve managing the entire process from initial advertisement across a range of targeted media, through to screening, and then drawing up a list of potential candidates. You decide who you wish to interview and we manage the process from there, supporting directly with interviews as necessary and then managing the processes required to successfully appoint the new hire into their role.

We also take on a valuable bridging role during the appointment phase, where candidates may be keen to negotiate on employment terms. In such instances, we work to represent you – the employer – to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

Why use 2C Recruitment to find the right contract staff?

If your business is facing an increase in workloads, a drop in permanent staffing, or a ramp-up in rapid turnaround projects, then temporary staff can provide a valuable source of the skills and delivery resource that you require.

Often, such occasions arise rapidly, and you need quick solutions to the problem. Rather than face the time-consuming process of permanent recruitment, 2C Recruitment provides rapid access to the staff you need, without the administrative burden. Call us to discuss your needs and we will relieve the pressure for as long as you require, providing high-quality, screened and carefully selected candidates that meet your needs.

Remember, we also handle all of the employment costs associated with this arrangement, so that you only pay one pre-agreed fee for the temporary staff you need. By handling National Insurance, PAYE contributions and holiday pay, we can save you valuable time, as well as the cost of administration.

What is a ‘temp to perm’ arrangement?

When we talk about ‘temp to perm’, we describe a situation whereby a temporary agency worker begins within your business on a temporary assignment, and then is taken on as a permanent member of staff. This is a common arrangement, and can provide a range of benefits to the hiring business. If the temporary worker is progressed onto a permanent contract before a certain timescale, a fee will be incurred under our service arrangement with you.

How much does it cost to hire a temporary staff member through 2C Recruitment?

Every temporary worker is charged to your business according to a pre-agreed, single hourly rate, plus VAT. This rate is agreed between you as the client and 2C Recruitment as the agency provider before the assignment begins. Remember that through that fee we take care of all the necessary staff costs for that temporary staff member – including PAYE, National Insurance, holiday pay and so forth, and we manage the administration too. This arrangement is highly flexible for you, and offers rapid and easy access to the staff that you need.

What is the next step?

Please contact us today to discuss your needs. Our team are only ever a phone call or email away, and ready to help provide the staffing solutions that your business needs to grow and thrive.