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An outline is an effective way of organizing your essay structure before you begin writing it. It entails composing concise summary words or phrases for each viewpoint you’ll discuss in every paragraph. This, therefore, gives you a sense of how your essay argument will progress.

In some cases, your professor may request you submit an outline before you begin writing the essay as a different assignment. Nonetheless, even if you aren’t required to do so, creating an outline as part of the writing process is a good idea.

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What is an Essay Outline?

A graphic depiction of an essay is an essay outline. It condenses the essay’s paragraphs into important ideas, giving the reader a rapid overview of your work. On the other hand, an essay outline isn’t simply for the benefit of your readers. It also aids you in visualizing your final paper before you start writing it. This will make determining the most efficient manner to move between paragraphs and the best order to deliver your backup sections much easier.

Essay Outline Tips

Here are some of the tips to help you create an effective outline that will simplify the remainder of the writing process:

Determine the objective of your essay:

Take a moment to consider your thesis statement. Even if you don’t have the precise phrasing yet, you should have a basic notion of the argument you’ll make and support it in your essay. With such a clear goal in mind, you can go through your brainstorming remarks and create an outline that covers all of the key areas to achieve that goal.

Filter out all the unnecessary words:

When brainstorming, you looked at every conceivable path your writing might take and every possible piece of information to add. The next step is to go over your brainstorming notes and select the basics to help you reach your essay’s aim the most successfully.

Also, for each information item you wrote down, think of how it will help prove your point of view. Include it on your list of arguments to discuss in your essay if you can answer it clearly and thoughtfully.

Determine the vital points you want to write in each paragraph:

Identify the primary arguments you’ll include in your essay using the list of points you made. These arguments will make the portions of your body. Also, make a list of the facts, stories, and statistics that will back up each claim. Keep in mind that these supporting viewpoints are part of the essay plan.

Use a standard template to create your outline:

It’s time to start writing your outline now that you’ve established your main subjects and supporting elements. So begin by formatting your essential ideas into a clear, orderly frame that you’ll fill with information when you create your first draft. Ensure that you use a template for the essay type you are writing.

Importance of Writing an Essay Outline

  • Helps organize your research

Creating an effective outline ensures that you remain organized throughout your research and reasoned arguments. It also helps choose the best part to include in the essay. Furthermore, you may assess the power of your thesis statement by organizing your facts in this manner. You’ve undoubtedly chosen a good thesis if you find yourself stuffing your outline with evidence to back up your primary claim. Otherwise, you might want to think about it again.

  • The outline depicts a logical path from one point to the next

The structure of most outlines is alphanumeric. So to create points and sub-points, they rotate between capital letters, Roman numbers, lowercase characters, and Arabic numerals. Decimal layouts and spaced bullet points are the other essay outline designs.

  • It enables you to be flexible

When it comes to a formal outline, you may write whole phrases or use shorthand. An outline is a tool for creating the content of your work and finding a proper sequence, so it just has to appear great to you.


Whenever you’re given an assignment that needs you to write an essay, it’s a good idea to start by developing an outline. Remember that outlining is the early phase of essay writing. So you may start with a simple one and expand it as you gather more information. However, make sure you cover all of the key topics in the list, and you’re ready to go!

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