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2020 has been a hugely turbulent year. It’s put a lot of things into perspective and for many people it has highlighted the importance of family and their lives as a whole. As a company, you want your ethos and values to reflect this and stay in tune with the times. One way of recognising this is through employee perks.

There is a new, company perk emerging this year, that will set businesses apart in 2021. Employers at companies, both big and small, are offering subscriptions to life platforms. They are leading the way in revolutionising the way staff are rewarded and recognised with a huge focus on family – something that has been hugely highlighted as a result of the global pandemic.

Ian Dibb is a founder of life platform, Once I’ve Gone. Created after he lost his mother and sister within the space of two years, he wanted to develop something that helped others through the grieving process. He has been working with companies throughout the pandemic to offer the perk of peace of mind to employees.

Here Ian delves deeper into the topic and discusses why platforms like this are proving so popular with workplaces and why they’re set to be the biggest perk of 2021. 

What are life platforms?

In short, life planning platforms are intended to help people get their affairs in order. From legal documents and insurance policies to financial details and account passwords, they provide a place for you to store all the important information and details you may need, all in one place. This is helpful for ensuring you stay organised but it is also great for helping you prepare for end of life.

Once you’ve passed, your family will need to instruct a probate lawyer to get your estate in order. The more organised you are, the easier this process will be for them. Equally, these kinds of platforms let you leave your final wishes and store your will. This removes difficult decisions for your family during the grieving process.

How they’re helping employees

Mental health is such a huge issue at the moment. People are under immense pressure and the pandemic has turned life upside down for many. As an employer, helping your staff’s mental wellness is key for them personally but also for your business in terms of a productive workforce.

The huge benefit life platform subscriptions can offer for employees is peace of mind. They can be calm in the knowledge they have planned and protected their family for when the inevitable happens. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of sticking together and having the continued support of our families. This is why employee perks need to reflect this and recognise the need to also give back to our family.

Remote working

Life in the pandemic has changed. Workers are no longer coming into offices and their activities outside of work are also restricted, either by new laws or personal preference. This means that traditional perks such as gym memberships or discounts on days out have become almost become obsolete. There needs to be a greater shift in employee benefits to reflect the current times and understand what employees want – they are called perks for a reason.

Life platforms really fill this void. They are reflective of the current times and support your employee’s need for certainty and security.

How they’re helping employers

Of course, perks are intended to benefit employees, but they also bring huge benefits to employers. Many businesses will continue to provide outdated benefits that are essentially a gesture but not something that is readily utilised or appreciated. Benefits often make a huge difference to employee satisfaction, but many companies rarely assess their offerings. This is your time to be the front runners and offer your staff something that many are still unaware of.

As an employer, not only is it hugely important for your reputation and how you are viewed by competitors and within your industry, it also improves your appeal when employing new talent. Due to the nature of life platforms, tapping into the subject of death, may appear too morbid to offer staff at this time. However, their functionality is manifold and is also about organisation and leaving a legacy. As a business owner, you’ll know communication is key – we’re starting to tackle the stigma that comes with talking about planning for the inevitable and encouraging open conversation about the topic. This is your time to show you’re forward thinking and a pioneering business during this difficult time.