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Downtime is one of the most important things you can offer to your employees, and this article explains why.

The Importance of Morale

Employee morale is one of the most important things you need to consider when managing your workforce. It can have a wide lasting impact on your employees and can often affect aspects of your business that you aren’t expecting.

Impacts Employee Productivity. For example, one of the most notable impacts that employee morale can have on your workforce is the effect it has on productivity. High employee morale can lead to equally high productivity, which can be brilliant for your business. On the other hand, low employee morale can lead to a precipitous drop in employee productivity, which can be devastating to your profit margin.

Contributes to Retention. On top of that, employee morale is instrumental in the retention of key employees. If you have fostered a work environment that lends itself toward high employee morale, you will see an equal increase in employee retention. This can only benefit your business.

How Downtime Impacts Morale

So since employee morale is so vital to the operation of your business, you are probably going to want to know how you can boost it. This is where proper employee downtime comes in. Overworking and extreme stress are some of the biggest contributors to low employee morale. So by providing regular and enjoyable downtime to your employees, you can help to mitigate both of these factors and boost the overall morale of your workforce.

Great Downtime Activities to Boost Morale

Fortunately, there are plenty of great downtime activities that you can utilise to help in boost morale.

Group Activities. A great option when it comes to morale-building exercises is to engage with team outings. Things such as company hikes, or a trip to a UK casino can be a great way to build employee morale and relationships between your team members. However, it’s important to remember that UK casinos are strictly for adult employees 18+ – Please gamble responsibly.

Incentivise Having Free Time. One of the most effective of these is also the easiest to implement and the cheapest. If an employee manages to complete all of the work that you have assigned to them for a day in a shorter timeframe, without denting quality, allow them to take the rest of the day off without impacting their pay. This helps to incentivise an effective work ethic and the completion of high-quality work. This could also help you to spot employees who are deserving of a promotion, as they will often be the ones done with their work fastest.

Relaxation Stations. Finally, another brilliant way to raise worker morale while in the office itself is to ensure that you provide relaxation stations within the office. These are areas where employees can go to cool off, relax with coworkers, and generally relax during their breaks. By creating a separate area for your employees to relax, you can create a very soothing environment while still allowing your other workers to remain focused on their duties.

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