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Why Horse Racing is Still So Popular for Betting

By 14/01/2021No Comments

The fascination with horses and racing goes back to the earliest civilisations. It’s no wonder that horseracing is the second-most popular spectator sport in the UK coming only behind football.  This fascination with horse racing has spawned one of the most lucrative betting markets. 

Horse race betting is popular across the world for many reasons. This site compares horse racing betting offers from different sportsbooks to help you make the best choice. The following are some reasons betting on horse racing remains popular.  

Information Galore 

With so much information on horse racing, it’s easy for betting enthusiasts to make the right decisions. Information is power, and experienced gamblers understand this perfectly. 

You can leverage the tome of information available on different horse races, best jockeys, best horse breeds, best meets, race day programmes, different sportsbooks odds and so much more. With this data, you can make more solid decisions and boost your chances of winning.  

Quick Results 

Horse races deliver the quickest results among major sports. The average horse race takes less than 15 seconds and this means bettors don’t have to agonise for hours as they await the results. With such quick results, this becomes the perfect sport to bet on the go and on mobile devices. 

There’s always a race about to start or happening and you can cash in on available data to make quick decisions. If you’re a fan of mobile sportsbooks, horse racing should top your markets. There’s so much fun to enjoy with the quick results, and you can always go to the next race if your previous bet fails. 

Blending Betting and Fun 

Horse racing is a social event, and it brings towns and neighbourhoods to a standstill. It is a glamorous affair where sport lovers take their families to socialise and place bets on their favourite horses. 

Bettors exchange information and talk animatedly about different horses and races. Families catch up and have fun before, during, and after the races.  If you are a sport’s betting fan, try this new experience and have fun while you track your horse.

The Adrenaline Rush 

Closely linked to the speed and brevity of the races is the adrenaline rush you get from the experience. Unlike a football match where you might lose attention or get bored, horse racing is intense. 

If you have a bet on the line, you get even more thrill as you follow the horses.  This is the perfect betting market for bettors with little patience. You get quick-fire results in seconds, which means the payouts also come fast. It’s fun watching everyone so engrossed in the races. 

Huge Winnings 

Horse race bets have better odds than other sports. The odds vary depending on the race event. Exotic bets such as Quinella, Quadrella, Superfecta, Exacta Pay and other pay the best odds. 

You can also hunt for big wins in the largest horse races, such as the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes among others. Examples of the biggest betting payouts include JP McManus’ $1.3 million payout and Darren Yeats’ $830.000 win. 

Plethora of Betting Opportunities 

For sports betting fun, the best market should have a diverse range of betting odds. Horse racing offers bettors a wide range of opportunities to bet. The different betting combinations increase the chances of a positive outcome for your bet. 

The bets include Place (winner), Each Way, Quinella, Exacta, Duet, Trifecta, First 4, Daily Double, Quaddie, The BIG6 and Parlay Formula. With more horse racing sites available, you can find more creative combinations which add to the fun and opportunities to win.

 Rewards and Bonuses 

The popularity of horse racing has seen more gambling brands add the sport to their markets. To attract horse racing enthusiasts, these websites offer amazing bonuses and promotions. If you love horse racing bets, you can leverage free bets, free money and free odds boosts to enhance your gambling experience. These bonuses and offers increase your chances of winning. 

Legal Betting 

Betting on horses is one of the oldest forms of gambling. It’s as old as the sport itself, and this rich heritage has helped in developing laws and regulations to guide the industry. Some countries which ban online gambling still allow horse race bets. 

More online sportsbooks have emerged and they all add horse racing in their packages. There are laws guiding horse race betting and bettors feel safe taking part.

Horse racing remains a popular sport, and this is one reason a lot of gambling revolves around the sport. There are more factors that make horse racing popular for betting, including the quick results, large payouts, legality and diverse betting options.