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If you want a business filled with employees who are happy working with each other and productive, then you will need to create a culture that welcomes hard work and pushes everyone on in a friendly way. If you’re not sure where to get started, then this article is for you.

Recognise Their Progress

If you want your employees to be happy within the workplace and satisfied with their job role, then you should be recognising their progress within your business, and congratulating them for any hard work that they do. If an employee works hard on a project, and they are not given credit or acknowledged for it, it could put them off-putting any work into a project in the future.

Regular praise can come in the form of a compliment, either in person or by email. If you manage to do it in person, then it will feel much more genuine and showed that you’ve put the effort in. Of course, it’s not always possible for you to do this in person, so find what works for you.

Offer Them More Opportunities

Employees who are handed more responsibilities and opportunities within an organisation are likely to be more enticed and motivated to be productive with it. That’s because they will have something different to do than their daily work routine, and they will want to prove to you that their trust in you is well placed.

There are a variety of ways you could offer them new opportunities. It could be with giving them their projects to work on, or expanding their role to contain more responsibilities. This is partly one of the main reasons that managers sit down with their employees on a one-to-one basis every quarter so that they can discuss these ideas with them, and find opportunities that they would be excited about.

Include Them In Major Decisions

If you include your employees in major business decisions, then they will feel much more connected to you and the business. That’s not to say that they should have the final say on something, just that they can have a say in what they think, especially if it affects their day-to-day working lives.

You may find that they have something more to add in regards to a business decision that you hadn’t thought of. They will have experience in other elements of the business that you simply hadn’t considered.

Plan Team Building Activities Unrelated To Work

If you want to get your team feeling more together and productive, then one of the most fun ways that you can make this happen is by engaging the team in various team building activities that have nothing work-related. There are a variety of ways you can do this. Across the country, there will be organisations and places that you can take your team to have fun and relax, whilst also learning valuable team-building skills.

Be Flexible For Working On The Go

With the world being forever changed due to the impact of COVID-19, it’s fair to say that the way businesses work and how employees work for them has changed. This all started when the furlough scheme was introduced nationwide for employees to stay home safely whilst the world was trying to land on its feet.

After a few months, employees were starting to be reintroduced to the workplace, with changes made for their health and safety concerns. However, not all employees would feel perfectly happy to return to their office lifestyle in this way, and indeed they wanted to find new ways to work.

This is what led to flexible working, which is what many businesses and offices started to implement in the following months. It included workers staying home to work, but popping into the office twice a week to do tasks that could only be done there. In some cases, physical offices were permanently closed down, to allow workers to continue working from home in the long term, avoiding the costs of owning or renting a building.

This then meant that it was harder for employees to meet, apart from on video meeting devices. But fortunately, there are modern solutions. You can look into booking desks on the go, via a desk booking system, that helps provide your workforce with a workstation that conforms to the government recommended guidelines on physical distancing.

It’s a modern way of getting your workers to work away from the office, but one that ensures they are fully equipped to do the work without worrying about external factors. You will have a few ways to make this happen, but your best bet is to use a well-established business such as Matrix Booking, which makes the process simple. This desk booking system is designed to be easy for the modern workforce, and empower them with tools that are both fun and easy to use. 

The benefits you will get from making your employees work in a way that makes them feel comfortable is enormous, and you’re sure to see some benefits because of it. That could be in the form of increased productivity or teamwork.

Improve Communication Across The Board

One of the most effective ways in which you can ensure that your employees are happy working together and are productive in their way is to look at how your team communicates. This means in terms of how they speak to each other internally, and how they speak to customers and clients externally.

If your internal communication is lacking, then you could see your departments fall behind their schedules, whilst they wait for another department to get back to them. This wasted time could have been saved if the two departments knew how to approach each other,

Think of these two departments, for example, as two cogs in a machine. If they end up not working together, then the whole thing breaks down. There are easy ways to improve communication within your workplace, such as ensuring that instructions, when sent out, are written clearly or spoken efficiently. You should have a workplace culture in place that allows for team members to speak openly about a task when confused so that they can get it right.

Offer More Benefits And Perks

If you want your employees to be more productive and motivated, then you could consider looking into benefit and perk schemes. These refer to a variety of different ideas and concepts. The most common, and arguably most popular, comes in the form of money and other financial gains. It could be a bonus added to the payslip for meeting a certain target, or it could be coupons and other cash elements given to you throughout the year.

There are more modern solutions and perk systems, with some businesses implementing a software system, where good work by employees can be recorded and added on as points. These points could then be spent by employees on whatever they choose, based on the options available to them.

Away from benefits, you could also offer perks, such as private healthcare insurance, or gym membership. There could also be a perk system implemented to offer discounts from local restaurants and shops, much like how student discount works.

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