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Modern consumers often buy from online stores and have their orders delivered to their doorstep. This change in consumer behavior has led to increased demand for delivery drivers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 12% growth in the industry between 2020 and 2030.

If you are considering joining the delivery industry, the obvious requirement is a valid driving license. However, being a successful delivery person will take more than having a driving license. 

This article highlights the various skills you need to become an exceptional delivery driver. But before that, let’s first understand how much a delivery driver makes.

Delivery Driver Salary

How much you make as a delivery driver can depend on several factors. If you choose to join the industry as an independent contractor, what you make will depend on the amount of time you dedicate to delivery and the number of deliveries you make.

If you want to go the employment route, your enumeration will depend on the terms of your employment. Typically, a courier driver salary ranges from $20,000 to $53,000 per year in America and £ 23,822 to £44,174 in the UK.

Skills You May Need to Excel in The Delivery Service Industry

  1. Attention to Detail

Working as a delivery driver requires attention to detail. One mistake, and you will get yourself in a mix-up by dropping orders at the wrong addresses or missing deliveries. Before leaving the distribution center, ensure that you double-check all deliveries to ensure they are in the vehicle. 

The same case applies to when you are dropping off orders. While you may be in a hurry to finish your delivery on schedule, taking your time to double-check addresses and orders can save you a lot of time that could result from redeliveries.

  1. Customer Care

Today’s customer is spoiled for choice. It is, therefore, the responsibility of every business owner to ensure that they treat their customers like royalty.

If a customer feels like their needs are met and are well treated, there is a big chance they will want to do more business with the company you represent, meaning more job security for you.

If a customer is displeased, they will most likely avoid doing business with you or the company you are affiliated to, for example, if you as the delivery person is rude or has a bad attitude.

Or worse, they can give you or your company a bad review or report you to the management, which may not go very well for you. Don’t take it out on the customer even if you are having a bad day.

  1. Follow The Map

Traditionally delivery personnel depended on a paper map to make deliveries. Today, it is hard to imagine how they managed with all the technology at a delivery driver’s disposal. Before getting on the road, you may need to feed your stops on whatever device or app you are using to optimize your route.

The best thing you can do when using a route optimization tool is to follow the suggested by the tool.

Route optimization tools use data collected in real-time to suggest the most efficient route depending on the prevailing circumstances. Although you may feel like you know better, it’s always better to trust the tool.

  1. Drive Carefully

As a delivery driver, you may be tempted to break some rules to make your quota on time, but that is not a good idea. Breaking traffic rules can get you in a lot of trouble, like causing an accident or paying hefty ticket fines. 

Getting involved in an accident can have a huge impact on your ability to find similar work in the future besides giving you a bad rap with insurers.

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