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Whatever industry you work in, your company is sure to have highly productive employees whose talents are crucial for your company. However, many companies today are faced with the fact that many talented employees leave their jobs, choosing to work in other companies that have a suitable work culture.

It should be understood that money is not the only factor that encourages an employee to work in a particular company. If you want to retain talents, you need to come up with other ways to keep employees loyal.

There are various ways to keep employees motivated. However, it is also worth making sure that the workplace helps to relieve stress, as well as increase the working spirit of employees.

As recent studies show, the easiest way to solve all problems is to allow employees to play games right in the workplace. In this case, it is not necessary to implement game forms into the non-game process, you can resort to old-fashioned ways.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of playing games in the workplace, as well as what games are the most effective and why.

Benefits of playing games

They are good for anyone

Since childhood, we have become accustomed to learning skills in a playful way. Using various games, parents try to develop memory, improve concentration, and also teach us new skills. Who said that it ceases to be effective even in adulthood? In addition, games have been scientifically proven to help slow down the aging process.

Creating a fun company culture

To attract and retain talent, companies try to provide employees with various perks, train employees and improve their skills in the workplace, and much more. However, it is essential to create a fun corporate culture. Incorporating games into your workflow is the best way to make it seem like your company is not just about being more productive, but also about having fun.

They serve as a distraction and cheer up

Some days at work are hellish when the stress level is off the charts. Playing games relieves stress and also allows employees to clear their heads to look at work problems from a different angle.

Improves communication and also unites employees

Informal communication is important for building a strong team. Games, corporate trips, as well as other recreational activities improve communication and unite the team.

Great games to play in the office

Many companies have long introduced games into their working lives. Among the most famous are Google, Nike, and Red Bull. Thus, it becomes clear that no matter what industry you work in, the introduction of games can occur in any company.

Table tennis

No wonder many recommend employees take breaks during work to do a little physical exercise. Any physical activity improves blood circulation, as well as blood oxygen saturation. The result is increased productivity and faster decision-making.

Benefits of table tennis:

  • Improves and preserves mental abilities;
  • Develops motor skills;
  • Improves strategic and tactical thinking;
  • Develops long-term memory functions.

You can start your day at work by playing table tennis to make every day especially productive. In addition, during the lunch break, you can arrange tournaments, which will increase the competitiveness of employees.

Arcade games and video games

Arcade games have always aroused the interest of all people because they arouse competitive interest in us. Everyone wants to be number one on the leaderboard. Video games, in turn, will be an excellent team-building activity.

If this is your main goal, then we recommend that you start playing Destiny 2, one of the best massively multiplayer role-playing games that can be played by the whole team. Raiding helps employees think as a unit to get things done. Things may not be easy at first, so it’s best to take advantage of the Destiny 2 Raid Carry Service in difficult situations to get fast completion, as well as a lot of valuable rewards in the form of gear, exclusive loot, exotic rewards and much more.

Benefits of arcade and video games:

  • Improves motivation;
  • Increases the speed of learning new skills;
  • Improves information retention as well as memory.

As a motivation, you can increase the game time as the company’s goals are achieved.

Table football and air hockey

You can unite employees by arranging small friendly competitions in table football or air hockey.


  • Reduce stress and refresh the mind and body;
  • Helps to rally the team;
  • Allows employees to learn to look at problems from different angles.

As with table tennis, you can have friendly competitions during working hours. In addition, you can arrange weekly tournaments.

Pool, snooker, and billiards

At the end of a hard productive day, employees need to unwind. That is why playing billiards will be an excellent end to the working day.


  • Slow down the aging process;
  • Improve hand-eye coordination;
  • Improve cognitive skills.

These games can be played alone, so you can allow employees to take game breaks throughout the day. At the end of work, everyone can join to spend time together, relax and just talk.

Work does not necessarily have to become a routine, as this has a bad effect on the motivation of employees. When all days are the same, it increases the chances of increasing employee burnout. Companies must strike a balance between work and leisure.


As we could see, various games bring a lot of benefits. Most importantly, they help not only employees but also companies, since all this has a great effect on improving motivation, increasing productivity, as well as learning new skills. You should think about organizing a game room in the office where you can play table tennis, football or billiards. In addition, video games are great for team building.

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