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As we complete our transition into the digital age, there are a number of ways that many of us still need to catch up. One of these consists of converting old-fashioned, analogue files into their modern digital counterparts, to allow users to profit from all the associated benefits. 

This is particularly the case when it comes to paper files, which can be scanned and converted into digital files with impressive ease. Let’s explore the main benefits of document scanning services with the Pearl Scan team.

Reduced storage space

One of the most significant benefits of converting your paper documents into digital files is the amount of storage space you can save. If you have to dedicate an entire room, or multiple rooms, to your current document storage solution, you’re potentially wasting thousands of pounds each year renting unnecessary space. 

Digital files take up literally no room; you’ll still likely have to pay for a digital storage solution, potentially hard-drive based, a cloud-based solution or a combination of the two, but it will almost certainly be more cost-effective than renting space to store your physical copies of your documents.

Lower carbon footprint

As an increasing amount of attention is placed on the environment, businesses should be taking every opportunity they can to decrease their environmental impact. One recent study found that the average office worker uses a massive 10,000 sheets of paper per year. 

Besides the money wasted on these unnecessary resources, this also has a significant environmental impact, especially when you consider it on a broader scale. Digital files have a fraction of the carbon footprint compared to the paper and ink that goes into creating physical documents, allowing businesses to significantly decrease their overall carbon footprint.

Increased security

It can be a difficult and expensive process to ensure the security of physical documents. You need to ensure that they’re stored in a secure space, often with an expensive security system in place to help prevent things like break-ins. With digital files, it’s much easier and cheaper to achieve even higher levels of security. 

You can encrypt the files, protect sensitive documents with additional passwords, and require two-factor verification to get into any accounts with access to the files. 

It also decreases the likelihood that the documents are destroyed or lost, as they can be stored in multiple secure locations at the same time using a combination of hard drives and cloud solutions.

Increased efficiency

Storing your documents as digital files also massively increases the efficiency of finding and accessing them. Locating paper documents can be a tiresome task, costing businesses significant amounts each year. 

Digital document storage solutions save time and effort when it comes to finding files, increasing employee productivity while at the same time making the whole process a lot less frustrating.

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