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With a record shortage of top talent and the shift to a candidate-driven market, staff retention is more critical ever.

Employers must do all they can to attract and keep the top talent. One of the best ways to draw potential candidates in and boost retention is through training and upskilling.

Upskilling involves retraining existing team members or organising additional training courses to help build and expand your team’s skill set. Research has found that 91% of companies saw an overall increase in productivity as a result of investing in the right employees. Since higher productivity means better results and a more engaged workforce, every business should consider how they can upskill staff through training.
ARTICLE 2: What Does Your Recruitment Process Say About You?

With the easing of lockdown kickstarting the economy and more employers seeking new staff, candidates have become far more selective about the jobs they decide to take. And where does a candidate gain their first impression of your business? During the recruitment process.

If you still think your ideal recruit will jump through hoops for the chance of an interview, think again. Candidates have far greater expectations when it comes to recruitment in 2021, and there are around 36% fewer applicants across industries in the first place. So, you cannot afford to let the ideal candidate slip through your fingers.
ARTICLE 3: Securing Talent During a Record High for UK Job Vacancies

Considering the millions of furloughed workers during the height of the pandemic, global markets seem to have bounced back remarkably. And it may be surprising to learn that unemployment has almost returned to pre-pandemic levels (sitting at an estimated 4.5% — just 0.5 percentage points lower than before the pandemic and far lower than the forecasted 5.6% for 2021).

But although unemployment rates are looking positive — good news for society as a whole — there is a catch for businesses.

Since the easing of lockdown restrictions kickstarted the economy and people’s behaviour began to shift back towards ‘business as usual’, there has been a rapid increase in hiring as companies refocus on recruitment and growth. However, job vacancies hit 1.1 million between July and September of 2021 — the highest level since records began in 2001 — meaning many businesses are struggling to fill positions in an increasingly competitive market.

So, what can companies do to attract, secure and retain the best employees?
ARTICLE 4: Secure the Top Talent: 7 Tips for Mastering the Job Offer

Job vacancies are at a record high in the UK, and competition is fierce for the top talent. So, finding candidates to fill open positions is a bit like putting a round peg in a square hole — difficult to get the right fit.

During the ongoing candidate shortage, once employers have found the perfect candidate, they must then ensure they can seal the deal with the perfect job offer — or risk losing the candidate to another company.

So, how can businesses secure the best fit for a job? Here are seven top tips for making an offer that would be hard to refuse…

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