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Are you a recruiter looking to make use of linked in for all of your recreating needs but don’t know how it works? Do you want to know the top strategies to use on linked in as a recruiter?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used differently from that other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It is used mainly for those who are business professionals either looking for staff or people looking for work.

If you are a recruiter looking for recruits, LinkedIn is one of the best places to do this or to find people. Here are the top 5 strategies for recruiters on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Automation Tools

As a recruiter on LinkedIn, you are truly on your home turf and there is so much potential to be found on this platform however if you are new to LinkedIn and don’t know how it works it can be tricky to navigate and difficult to understand.

This is where LinkedIn automation tools come in. Automation tools essentially automate the flow of your content whether it’s the scheduling of posts, engaging with other users, looking for the right content to post and so much more.

These LinkedIn tools are especially great when it comes to those who are too busy to consistently be posting on LinkedIn as it cuts down on the time that you need to spend. If this is an option that you are considering there are different sites that review the best LinkedIn automation tools that you should have a look at.

Be Concise

As a recruiter on LinkedIn, it can be tempting to post lengthy posts when looking for recruitment or for people that fall part of your target demographic. However, this is not necessarily the best way to go about recruiting on LinkedIn because people will very quickly scroll past your post and not even notice it.

If you want to more effectively reach as many people as possible through your recruiting process on LinkedIn it is advised that you keep your content concise and limit your word count to 150 words maximum.

This will mean that far more people will be likely to stop and look at your post or read it rather than just scroll straight past it because they don’t want to read something lengthy.

Do Research

Rounding out the middle of our list the next thing that you should be doing is making sure that you are paying attention and doing as much research as possible. This research should not be limited to looking at the different people that are on LinkedIn and that are curious about the postings that you have posted. Research should also include effective strategies when it comes to marketing job positions and employment opportunities for those who are interested.

Convert Followers to Employees

Something that you should be doing as a recruiter on LinkedIn is converting your company followers into employees on the app or platform. Researchers have shown that almost 60% of the people who follow your company page on LinkedIn are people that want to work for you and the rest are those that are current employees or people who have previously worked there.

With that said recruiting from the people who follow you is a great way to find people who are passionate about your business and who are already interested in working for you.

Search Globally

Last but not least the final thing that you should be doing when it comes to recruiting people on LinkedIn for different businesses is to expand your search beyond just where you are. LinkedIn is a global platform that reaches worldwide, and this is something that you should be taking advantage of as a recruiter.

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to search for employees on a global level and this is far better than just doing it nationally. This means that you are far less limited when it comes to options to choose from and can be more likely to find the best person for the job.

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