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Rank Local Authority Region Median Annual Earnings Median Basic Hours Worked Median Overtime Hours Worked Average Happiness Score Average Life Satisfaction Score Average Commute Time (minutes) Overall Score
1 Edinburgh Scotland £28,829 35.0 2.3 7.37 7.6 20.6 82.84
2 Bournemouth South West £25,184 35.0 2.8 7.75 7.77 17.5 77.15
3 Brighton and Hove South East £27,865 35.0 3.0 7.32 7.61 18.2 77.09
4 Southend-on-Sea East £26,755 35.0 2.9 7.51 7.71 20.9 75.31
5 Bristol South West £27,507 35.0 3.0 7.27 7.49 21.6 74.08
6 Colchester East £24,962 35.0 2.9 7.33 7.47 21.2 72.30
7 Glasgow Scotland £25,705 35.0 3.1 7.23 7.5 19.8 72.24
8 Liverpool North West £24,963 35.0 3.4 7.33 7.48 19.1 69.33
9 Manchester North West £23,017 35.0 3.2 7.45 7.54 19.7 68.69
10 Milton Keynes South East £28,545 37.0 3.0 7.33 7.6 14.1 68.67

Mo Naser, Chief Executive Officer at SmartSurvey andKristine Angeltvedt, CEO of curated job platform,, reveal the following 5 expert tips to help you boost employee happiness.

1. Create a clear career path

Mo says:Speak to your employees and find out what they want from their career, from here you can develop a clear career path for them and set goals for them to work towards.”

2. Show recognition

He also highlights the importance of showing recognition: “Make sure you are engaging with your employees and showing recognition when they produce amazing results. Shoutout good work in the team Slack channel or send around emails to the team highlighting the company wins every month.”

Kristine reinforces this saying you should “praise good work in a timely manner rather than waiting for the annual review – recognise and reward. This will have a bigger impact on staff than waiting months.”

3. Create a positive environment

Mo says: “A positive culture and workplace environment is so important, as it encourages employees to communicate, share ideas and work together. Make sure you don’t lose the social element of work while we are working from home and arrange social calls over Zoom or Slack.”

Kristine comments: “Open communication is important, not only the important work topics but the banter that is part of the company culture. This is more important with remote teams. Have some recurring events in the calendar for the team to meet up and just discuss outside work topics.”

4. Prioritise work-life balance

Kristine says: “Work/life balance is important. If your workers have a better work/life balance, they tend to be happier and more productive. This is why remote working has so many benefits, not just for employees but for companies. Allow people to manage their own schedule, have some guidelines for overlapping hours during the day.”

Mo adds: “Think of ways you can make the working day more flexible for your employees, whether this is offering flexible start and finish times of offering longer lunch breaks. Consider giving employees an extra day off each year for their birthday.”

5. Offer benefits 

Mo says: “Consider offering extra benefits such as private healthcare, mental health services or a gym membership. These are great perks and will help keep your employees happy and healthy!

“Employee happiness is so important for your business. Happy employers are more creative, provide a better level of service to your customers or clients and are less likely to leave the company for a new job.”