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Last year was tough for everyone, but one sector that faced the brunt of all the changes was the human resources department.

The repercussion of the pandemic created havoc and brought a paradigm shift in the hiring process. 

From focusing on virtual recruitment to providing training to the remote workforce, the hiring landscape isn’t the same as a few years ago.

Though virtual recruitment is likely to remain a trend in the coming years, the method of hiring is witnessing a landmark change.

HR managers can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when hiring professionals from different sectors. The hiring technique that may work for recruiting a finance professional may not be feasible for a UI/UX designer. 

So, to help you in the hiring process of different specialists, we’re listing a few tips to hire candidates who not only culturally fit your organization but also stay long-term with you. 

Follow these six tips when hiring specialists from different fields.

  1. For sales specialists

Hiring a sales professional can be a daunting task because these professionals are the lifeblood of every organization. Apart from driving sales, these professionals focus on bringing your product to the market. 

The traits to look for in a perfect sales professional include a measurable impact in a previous sales role and intangible attributes like passion and soft skills.

Beyond the obvious things like role-related knowledge, a sales professional must have excellent presentation skills. Creating sales pitches using a presentation template can help these professionals present their ideas to clients and target audiences in an appealing manner.

Before hiring any sales professionals, focus on choosing a candidate with the required skills, experiences, results, attitude, cognitive skills, and habits. Once you align these traits with a suitable candidate, you can hire specialists who can bring a difference to your company’s bottom line. 

Statistics: A bad sales professional can cause a company 50-75% of the hire’s annual salary.

  1. For a blockchain developer

Right now, blockchain is a fruitful and lucrative software development concept that is taking the market by storm.

Blockchain was initially designed as a platform for Bitcoin, so it’s important to hire a blockchain developer having in-depth knowledge about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. 

Hiring someone who understands the core structure and technical mechanism of Bitcoin and Ethereum can prove beneficial for a company looking to make an impression in the blockchain world. 

Based on their knowledge, these developers use Ethereum blockchain to create applications called decentralized apps or DApps. To access that network and platform, developers must know how to purchase Ethereum. You can actually buy ETH on Moonpay or at ETH ATM to get associated tokens called ETH. 

Using these tokens, these developers can create new cryptocurrencies or try to solve real-world problems.  

Statistics: With Ethereum likely to reach $20,000 by 2025, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable blockchain developer makes sense. 

  1. For a marketing specialist

Fliers and radio ads no longer make the required cut in a world dominated by search engines and social media. Today, the success of these companies depends upon visibility and word-of-mouth publicity.

It takes a lot of effort and art to connect your product or services with potential customers. In other words, you need to hire a marketing specialist. 

From creating content, social media management, public relations, and email marketing, a marketing specialist requires skills necessary to connect with clients and make their product sell like hotcakes. 

A part of their job may require creating different marketing materials like product catalogs, staff handbooks, branded magazines, booklets, and activity books. 

If you’re looking for a marketing specialist in the UK, focus on hiring those who have experience designing and creating marketing materials. It may also be helpful to hire someone who can give references for booklet printing in the UK. This ensures all your marketing material is of top-notch quality and can attract clients. 

Statistics: With 90.63% of content getting no organic traffic from Google, hiring a marketing specialist could be the difference between online success and failure. 

  1. For a UX designer

Customers who visit your website stay only because of the experience they receive on your website. 

So, who is responsible for creating a good customer experience?

A UX designer. 

A UX designer is responsible for finishing your design story and polishing your products to deliver an unmatched customer experience. These professionals ensure that your design fulfills the client’s requirement, business objective, and customer need, and translates into a superior customer experience. 


Apart from this, a UX designer must be adept at different research methods to create designs your customers cannot overlook. So, when hiring a UX designer, look for someone who can brainstorm design ideas, give design inputs, know tools and design resources, and conduct competitor and customer analysis. 

Using UX research methods like user interviews, tree testing, focus groups, field studies, and surveys, these professionals decode the design requirement and develop unique and appealing ideas. 

Statistics: Every one dollar a company invests in UX results in a return of a whopping $100. When hiring a UX designer, you know what’s at stake, so make an intelligent decision. 

  1. For an accounting specialist

Hiring an accounting professional can help you tie up the loose ends of the financial gaps within your company. The right candidate in your finance team can help your organization handle paperwork, manage ledger, prepare and manage reconciliations to ensure your business functions as per law. 

These professionals play a crucial role in managing your company’s finances. So, don’t be happy after hiring someone with excellent domain knowledge but lacks some essential soft skills. In today’s fast-paced world, Finance is no longer about only numbers.

Finding and hiring people who can culturally fit your organization will bring more than just financial acumen. 

So, focus on hiring accounting specialists ready to embrace their analytical skills to bring a financial wave to your company. Also, demonstrating logical thinking and problem-solving skills is an absolute necessity in the finance field.

Also, as these candidates deal with critical financial numbers, look for candidates with unwavering professionalism. Quality accounting specialists exude professionalism under all circumstances and grow with your business. 

Statistics: The cost of an accountant for a small business ranges between $20-$100 per hour, making it important to hire qualified and skilled accounting specialists. 

  1. For a social media specialist

Today, businesses of all forms require a social media presence because your business is probably missing out on thousands of potential customers without it. 

So, who is responsible for creating an exemplary brand on social media?

A social media specialist. 

These professionals plan and implement social media strategies and are the champions of branding and community management.

Contrary to popular belief, these specialists don’t scroll through their company’s Instagram or Facebook accounts the entire day. Instead, they work as a gateway between a business, client, and their target audience. 

So, when hiring a social media specialist, look for innovative people who can come up with campaigns that make a difference. With millions of brands active on social media, getting likes and making viral content requires excellent creativity and innovation. 

Instead of directly posting about a product or service on social media platforms, these specialists make every message relevant to your organization. 

Apart from creativity, hire candidates who are excellent communicators and have good written communication skills. This helps them play around with words and create content that resonates with your target audience. 

Interestingly, it’s not only about GIFs, memes, or viral videos on social media. A social media specialist needs to have analytical skills to crunch social media numbers and tweak changes based on the results of a marketing campaign. 

Statistics: With more than 3.6 billion active customers on social media platforms, hiring the right social media specialist can have a significant impact on your bottom line. 

How to hire different specialists for your organization

A significant focus of hiring different specialists is strengthening your internal relationships and external relationships with customers and clients. 

So, when hiring for these roles, it’s essential to understand your business goals and values. 

Defining your goals and values can help you find better matches and narrow down the skills and qualities you’re looking for in your employees.

Apart from matching the right skill set with your potential candidates, ensure that your employees embody your company mission, vision, and culture. This is important because candidates with the right values can influence a productive work culture. 

If you get it wrong in the first step, correcting it down the line would be difficult.

By implementing these six strategies for hiring different specialists, companies will have an organized and targeted hiring process. 

Using these tips, you can develop an effective recruiting strategy to take your business to the next level. 

So, apart from these tips, focus on developing a recruiting strategy that can help you assess candidate’s skills, conduct compelling interviews, implement applicant tracking systems, demonstrate the value of employee referrals, and focus on passive recruitment. 

How are you planning to hire specialists for your organization?

Please share your thoughts with us!