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Being that we are all going through a worldwide pandemic with social distancing guidelines, many can be feeling quite isolated around the world right now. Yet, there are many creative things that you can do, to connect yourself with your friends all around the country and world. That’s right, we have seen how zoom meetings and skype calls have pretty much been our go-to these past few months, to ensure we remain connected with our jobs, our friends and lovers. However, you could totally take this up a notch and actually make the virtual world intertwine with your own entertainment! How, you ask? Well, by arranging a virtual bingo night, you could easily bring all your favourite games from bingo sites found at, and make it very much a reality for you and all your friends to enjoy together.

You could say that this is very much inspired by the large social gatherings shown for those that attend Bongo’s Bingo, yet the only difference is that you will be celebrating your wins over a video call. To organise an event like this online, you just need to follow through on the steps that we have listed below. Believe us when we tell you that, it is simple and very straightforward to see through to the end!

Select the platform to arrange your virtual meet with your friends 

The platforms that are available for you to host your virtual bingo night, can be anything that allows you to speak to multiple people via video call, this can be anything from Skype (an old favourite for many), which allows you to connect with people over the internet for free, and at an unlimited time! Zoom is another option, however zoom only allows 30 minutes of free online call time, however if one of you has a zoom account, you are able to host a meeting for free, however long you wish to stream a call for. Other options include WhatsApp, which also allows you to call video conferencing, through the power of adding all the phone numbers from your contact list, that you wish to add!

Select a bingo caller

After you have decided the platform that you wish to host your bingo night on, you will then need to decide between you and your friends, who will actually be the bingo caller, that shouts the numbers out within the game. You can easily generate the numbers through any random number phone application, there are many bingo number generator apps that are freely available via the App Store and Playstore. However, a really simple popular option, could be the Google ‘Random Number Generator’.

Do not forget to assign a prize to award the winner at the end of it. You could perhaps all chuck in some cash that could be the final prize money, awarded to the winner, or you could chuck in a prepaid voucher instead of cash. The choice is up to you guys.

Get the tickets to play the game

The last thing you will need to do, is to get your hands on the tickets to be allowed to play! It could be as simple as downloading the same bingo template online from google. If you all make sure to download the same kind of template, with a random selection of numbers for each card, you will all be able to play the same game standard. Just make sure that you are all searching for the same variant of bingo i.e. 75-ball, 80-ball etc. 

After you have got all your materials together, the last thing you will need to do is, get that call streaming! Once all your participants have joined, you can all enjoy a simple game of online bingo together. There may be social distancing involved, but that does not mean that you cannot spend time with your friends, doing something that is fun and entertaining! On to Netflix party streaming next?