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Social media is a hugely influential communication tool in today’s world, but it can also be the catalyst for many businesses and brands reaching new heights and tapping into new audiences. Like content marketing strategies, a solid social media plan can reap the rewards and enable a company to thrive in ways they might not have been able to previously.

Social media can be used badly, though. We have seen countless examples of fairly well-known brands failing to hit the mark on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the fastest growing social media platform at the moment, TikTok. If done correctly, though, then a brand can register huge success and become a well-established player on social media.

To help you market your business on social media in 2021, here is a look at some simple ways in which you can do so at the moment.

Make sure you choose the right platform

There is an array of social media platforms to choose from, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all suitable for your brand. Assess your audience and the type of platforms they’re likely to use, then from there, sign-up to the platforms you think are best suited. All social media platforms offer unique differences, so it can be worthwhile to join every single one. However, the younger generation appears to be using TikTok more widely at the moment. With that in mind, if you’re a senior cruise company or a gaming brand like the award-winning UK slots operator – Slots Heaven, then there is no use in joining a platform predominately for young people. Assess which platform your audience is likely to join and conduct research into which platforms other businesses in your area use.

Create a content calendar

If you fail to prepare a social media content calendar, then, chances are, it’ll show on your social media profile. Organisation is key in any aspect of work but especially when it comes to creating unique and engaging content on social media. It’s a saturated space with an abundance of material, therefore making it vitally important that you and your brand brings something new to the table. In order to keep your audience engaged and entertained, avoid creating rushed and ultimately lazy content with the help of a content calendar. All you need to do is plan out your posts in advance, add any relevant hashtags, images or videos, alongside any other useful content you might need.

Share video content

Video content helps grab peoples’ attention while they’re scrolling through their timelines and enables someone to soak up various bits of information in short, bite-sized chunks. If you can create engaging video content, then your brand could show dramatic growth off the back of it. Video content works well on all social media platforms, too, although the likes of Instagram and Facebook probably edge it in terms of being the most prominent video-friendly platforms.

Don’t spam

Promotional Twitter or Instagram posts are necessary for any brand keen to spread its message, but there should always be a limit. If your profile comes across as spammy, then people will simply move onto something else. A great rule many social media managers use is the one-in-seven rule, which essentially means that for every one promotional post the next six should be content-based. Don’t overdo it or your business will suffer as a result.

Other things to consider: Always try to stimulate engagement by sharing interesting and relevant information to your followers, consider using Facebook ads, and build relationships with influencers.