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Sometimes, standard job adverts and simple face-to-face interviews work well. But in 2022, brands need to do more with their recruitment drive to help improve intake results but to also focus on finding loyal, long-term employees. According to Ceridian, the UK’s average employee turnover rate is 15% – a number that generates pricey recruitment fees to replace staff that decide to leave for pastures new. 

Everything from management styles to salaries can influence high turnover rates – reducing them starts at the very beginning of the onboarding process with engaging recruitment days. Below, we’ll look at how you can rethink your recruitment days for improved intake results and reduce future employee turnover rates.

Hosting A Recruitment Event

Recruitment events are great for attracting a sea of hopeful future employees but also for spreading brand awareness. While standard advertising and interviewing processes work well, experts agree that recruitment events are an excellent way to build on the employer brand – branding and marketing the complete employment experience. 

But how do you convey your employer brand? Companies like Events People can help you understand your employer brand by carrying out bespoke research and creating the project management support you need – find out more on their website Hosting a large-scale recruitment event, in particular, requires the extra attention to detail that outsourcing to professionals provides. 

Crowd Pleaser Tips

A good recruitment event will have everything potential employees need to understand your brand, ethos, and attitude towards your current employees. That means the first crowd-pleaser is current employees sharing their stories away from the watchful eyes of management. Create a space for open and honest communication between current employees and the event attendees to share stories, ask questions, and share a positive and invaluable company image.

The second crowd-pleaser? Make it fun. Successful brands use team building days to bring people together, so why not do it for future employees? From inflatable assault courses to interactive quizzes with prizes for the winner, making the day interactive is a great way of showing attendees your brand is fun, engaging, and a team to be a part of. This idea works well for large-scale recruitment drive days.

The No-Go’s

There are some industry-accepted no-gos for any event, not just for recruitment drive days. The first is to avoid making it a lecture/conference-based event. PowerPoints aren’t your friend – recruitment drives need to be fun and engaging to attract the attention of the right employee. 

The second is to neglect the finer details that make all the difference – like event catering. Providing free food and drinks is always a crowd pleaser and shows that you care about your employees, whether current or future. Be sure to cater for everyone and consider the various dietary requirements of people attending. 

Recruitment days attract attention because they’re a relatively carefree way for interested and prospective employees to learn about your company without diving straight into the stress of an interview. And, as mentioned before, they’re great for spreading brand awareness as well as finding the right person for the job. Hosting a recruitment event should be rewarding for everyone involved. 

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