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After a rough period of time, many young people are ready for change and on the lookout for new employment opportunities.

To give a helping hand to those in the younger generation looking for new work, Moneypenny spoke with a recruitment expert to provide some top tips for Gen Z’ers.

Sara Burns from WeDiversifAI explained how Gen Z’s applications can be approved, and the elements of their applications that often hold them back: “The majority of Gen Z do not traditionally update their CVs –  they are using “quick apply on LinkedIn” or a PDF of the LinkedIn profile.”

Tip 1: Her advice is not to hold back on the acceleration of applications, but to put more time into highlighting what your skills are and where they have added value.

Sara also explained: “Using design tools to try and make your CV stand out can sometimes make it harder to read. It needs to be clear what are your skills, what is your achievement?”

Tip 2: Stick to detailed what you have achieved and how you can prove it. Be specific too, if you lead a team, how many people do you lead, and what have you done that makes you a good leader?

Sara went on to explain how Gen Z can find potential employers: “Gen Z tend to have an online profile and are open to being contacted by recruiters, as they are mostly available online on their mobile devices – so social media is really the go-to.”

Tip 3: Attending industry events is an amazing way to network, and they can even be online. Also, other online activities like joining specific forums, podcasts and signing up for talks to hear more about the industry/company.

If there’s a specific company of interest – be proactive, go outside of your comfort zone and send a message to someone relevant on LinkedIn. There is so much competition – it’s important to stand out from the crowd and impress. 

Sara also offered advice for employers looking to attract Gen Z applicants: “Hiring events are often really popular for Gen Z. 

“However it is worth noting, the majority will not apply online if they think the recruiting methods are outdated. Recruitment tech is an important factor they love application workflows and interview scheduling software which makes the process seamless. 

“They are also unlikely to apply if diversity isn’t high on the companies agenda or CSR (corporate social responsibility) and highlighted within the job ads.”

Sara highlighted that technology is at the top of the Gen Z agenda – especially FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, and most companies which use AI.  

“There has been a rise in Engineers and Developers. It is really popular amongst the Gen Z to go to startups and even scale ups first as their top choice, followed by large corporates. 

“They will also avoid corporates who are too traditional and haven’t evolved with the world. They want jobs that are flexible, entrepreneurial, with flat structures where the company values match their own.”

These experiences of Gen Z, Millennials, and Boomers might feel miles apart, but there’s plenty they share in their experiences of the world of work.

To explore these differences Moneypenny surveyed people, asking them all about their first jobs. 

The data revealed the generational differences between types of first jobs and the influences they had on peoples’ experiences.

The application process has changed over the years, with online applications being more popular than walking into the workplace as the years went by.

34% of people aged 65 and over said that they walked into the workplace of their first job and asked for a role there. However, just 20% of 18-24 year olds said they found success through the same process, with 16% opting to apply online instead.

The most popular method with 25 to 34 year-olds was using family connections to secure the role, with 39% saying so.