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A happy, successful workforce is one that’s motivated by incentives. It’s as simple as that. Whether a businessowner likes it or not, it’s scientifically proven that special pathways in a human’s brain become activated when we receive a reward. Not only does this make an employee feel good, but it also encourages them to seek out more rewarding boosts (in other words, deliver more remarkable results for your business).

Yes, we cannot deny that evolution has given people and other animals a strong desire for immediate rewards, but what’s the best way to go about this? Firstly, incentives and prizes should be given spontaneously to ensure that an employee’s good behaviour and desire to do well is maintained all year round, not just when there’s the potential of a gift to be received.

When it comes to the rewards themselves, try to think outside of the box to keep the fun and excitement alive. Here are some unique employee incentives you should consider.

Create a wall of fame

The ultimate way to recognise a team member’s good work – and to inspire others to follow suit – is to make sure everybody knows about it. A wall of fame could feature an employee’s name and photograph, with a short blurb about what they achieved.

Reward achievements beyond professional responsibilities

While it’s true that your staff are your staff, it’s important to acknowledge that they do have personal lives, and responsibilities that exceed those they’re committed to within the workplace. The employee rewards you choose to incorporate into your business could be used to recognise personal achievements such as getting engaged with their partner or passing their driving test, as well as healthier living and good mental health practices.

Donate to charity

This reward may sound initially strange, but hear us out. If you want to honour an employee’s achievements in a truly unique way, why not ask them if they have a charity close to their heart? If so, making a donation to the organisation in question could mean a lot to them, and encourage them to continue doing the type of good work you think should be rewarded.

Pay for a class or course

We all have something we’d love to one day learn or master, but more often than not, we simply don’t have the time or the funds to fully develop this new skill. To show gratitude for a staff member’s commitment to your business, you could pay for a class or course that will help them learn an ability that’s been on their bucket list for a while, such a new language or dance.

A day trip or night out

The best rewards are those that give us memories to cherish long after the actual ‘giving’ has taken place. Most effective when it’s a whole team who deserves the prize, organising an exciting day trip or glamorous night out is a simple yet effective way to reward good work. In addition to this, enjoying a night out together will help your employees reduce stress and improve their productivity. You’d be surprised at the kind of events you can arrange on a budget, too!

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