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Poker in the Spring of 2021, How Did People Get Out of the Quarantine Winter?

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The pandemic has slowed down many businesses and activities worldwide. During this time, online merchants and gaming have flourished, however. Online poker and casinos are no exception. 

For Norwegian players looking for good online casinos and poker sites, our website nye casinoer is a great place to start. Here you will find the latest information and reviews on online casinos in Norway. 

Our author Kristoffer Haagensen has considerable experience in the casino industry. He was a natural choice for this article about the current state of poker in 2021. 

What is Poker? 

Poker is likely one of the most well-known games there is. Everyone’s heard of it. You’ll find it on virtually every online casino site, and there are websites just for poker. You can learn how to play it quickly and enjoy it with your friends. 

Poker is played with a deck of playing cards. Each player is handed five cards at the beginning. Different cards and combinations of cards have specific values. Throughout the game, you make wagers and can exchange cards from your hand with the deck.

The goal is to make other players fold, that is, give up. Otherwise, to win, your hand will have to have the highest value among all players. Some winning combinations are the straight, flush, or full house. 

While poker is often said to be a game of luck, there’s a fair bit of skill involved. One essential skill is to make people believe your hand is better than it is. This may cause the other player to fold, even if their hand is better. 

Overall, poker is a fascinating game. No two games will ever be the same.

Best Poker Sites 2021 Bonuses

Are you looking for the best online poker 2021? We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find some of the best poker sites and the bonuses they offer to new players. 

Nordic Bet

Nordic Bet is an online casino based in Sweden. It offers poker and many other great casino games. Their poker bonus gives you a 100% match on your first deposit up to €2,000. 


UniBet is another popular gaming site. Currently, you can get a bonus of up to €200 on your first deposit. A rakeback of up to 65% is also offered to players.


Betsson casino is run by Betsson Nordic, a Swedish gaming company. New players can enjoy a 100% match bonus up to €2,000 on their first deposit. 


BestPoker is one of the largest poker sites around. They also have some of the most generous bonuses. On your first deposit, you’ll get a 200% match bonus of up to €800. On the second deposit, you get another 200% match bonus, this time up to €1,200.

Poker King

Poker King casino initially launched in 2012. They are now a fast-growing poker site in Europe. New players will be treated to a 100% match bonus up to $2,000 on their first deposit.

Poker in Spring 2021

We see a bright future for poker spring. More people are finding themselves at home and with more free time on their hands. Naturally, the number of people playing at online casinos has increased. 

Poker is one of those games where you need other people to play with, unlike slots. A larger pool of players is undoubtedly good news for poker fans everywhere. It means there will be much more frequent games and tournaments running. 

There’s a possibility of more in-person games getting underway, too. With the vaccinations well underway, there is an excellent chance things will be back to normal soon. We may see a return of the live poker series. 

During this time, online poker has certainly flourished. Many players are likely excited to see a return to in-person games as well.


This was an unprecedented time for many. While a lot of businesses suffered, online gaming only became more popular. We see this popularity increasing even more in the future. Poker will undoubtedly maintain its status as a timeless game.