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Whilst research has shown that freelancers are shifting to have a second job and taking advantage of the rising number of digital services online, much of this success has come largely in part due to services like Fiverr and Etsy which have allowed professionals and the crafty bunch alike to set out on their own, but aside from opportunities in remote working could there be a growing future in location independent work for many of us?

For many, the opportunities have already been shown with the success as a whole through many different online platforms – whilst this website for example hosts promo codes to some of the biggest sites, opportunities for location independent work are typically more aimed towards other spaces, the likes of vlogging and podcasting have certainly come to mind for many as social media has allowed for a huge change but has only been the start. Freelancers turning to different online services like Fiverr have been able to get started on their own without the know-how necessarily needed or how to start freelancing and has been essential in enabling the change that many had hoped for in the space.

The other big change that may be seen in the near future for some is within the four-day work week, a number of different places have already stated their intent to have a trial period of doing so, and whilst there will certainly be some red tape to overcome and some other challenges along the way, it may provide a new work-life balance that many have been looking for and that many have been able to gain with the major shift to remote working – there have already been plenty of studies around the viability suggesting that productivity and employee happiness would increase and more important currently with things like a smaller carbon footprint, as well as the drawbacks too with current expectations for customer experience for example. Given these were the same questions required and answers given with remote working, perhaps there will be an opportunity further down the line to continue exploring a possibility of four-day working weeks, despite how far off it may seem currently as the trial periods starting aren’t really telling of a wider shift expected by many. Either way, there are certainly being changes and opportunities explored to improve the work-life balance that many have managed to see change over the past year, and if it is a new focus for many particularly with other aspects of the change becoming more important such as environmental change and how a shift away  from current working patterns could impact that, it could bring change quicker than many expect, and could lead to a very different working environment.