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As working from home prevails in 2020, a survey has revealed that more than one in four (28 percent) British workers say that they miss NOTHING AT ALL about the office.

Of the 1,000 participants polled by, the most common thing workers reported missing about the office was the social aspect of being in the same space with colleagues, as 54 percent say they miss socialising at work.

Almost one in three (29 percent) said that face to face meetings was something they craved, whist 27 percent said they miss the support of their colleagues.

Despite these longings, nearly three quarters of the workers polled (74 percent) said that they didn’t at all miss the time spent on the commute.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at, said: ‘’Whilst we might miss certain aspects of office life, this study suggests that many people may be enjoying having some extra time in their lives, as they save time by not commuting.

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Richard added: ‘’We know that there will be many motorists looking to sell their car now that their working habits have changed, whether that be to upgrade their car, as they plan to drive into work over using public transport, or because working from home means that they no longer need their car at all.

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A quarter of respondents (24 percent) reported missing time out of the house, as they continue to work from home.  

When it comes to getting out of the house and into the office, one in ten (10 percent) admitted that they yearned for the break from their partner.   

More than one in ten (12 percent) say that they miss their office desk and 13 percent reported missing sitting in a chair that was good for their back.

One in five (19 percent) crave more defined hours of work, when working from home.

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