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Do you work in an HR department and have witnessed something that you believe amounts to malpractice? This is a difficult situation to find yourself in, but medical malpractice causes 251,000 deaths a year in the USA. This is not something to be taken lightly. Here are a few steps you need to take before launching a malpractice claim against your employer.

Discuss the Issue With Fellow Colleagues

The first step requires you to raise the issue with a trusted colleague or two. You may not fully believe your own judgment, so it’s important to talk to other experts. Other members of the company’s HR department should be well placed to recognize malpractice when it occurs. That’s why they’re the perfect people to confide in.

If they back you up, then you’ll know you have a claim worth pursuing. Conversely, they may give an alternative view to put your mind at ease. Either way, you’ll have some support in making the right decision. If you do decide to file a claim, you’ll have other witnesses to strengthen your case.

Talk to Your Employer

Once you’ve decided that malpractice has occurred, it’s time to talk to your boss face-to-face. This can be a daunting prospect, but it’s a necessary step before seeking legal action. This gives your employer a fair chance to defend themselves while allowing you to forward your concerns. You can also outline would remedy you’d like to see.

Being the one to blow the whistle is never easy. If you’ve taken this step, then you should feel proud of your courage. Of course, it’s important to know you have a support network if your boss takes the accusation badly. Have a network of friends, colleagues, and solicitors who can back you up should your experience any pushback.

Seek Legal Support

A malpractice claim is a serious one. You’ll need to make sure you have a trusted and experienced team of lawyers around to help you follow all the right procedures. Reach out to an attorney specializing in malpractice. Make sure they’re someone with a positive track record and someone that you know you can trust.

You should get in touch with an HMO malpractice attorney right away. Give them all the evidence you have. They’ll be able to examine it and let you know how likely you are to win this case. Then, they’ll get to work on preparing to file a claim. This legal route is the only way to deal with an employer who engages in malpractice.

A good HR professional is able to spot malpractice when it occurs. It takes another level of bravery to actually file a claim, though. Make sure you’re certain of what you’ve seen and gather as much evidence as you can to back it up. Work with fellow colleagues and a legal team to get the best outcome for the company. This will prevent the tragedies that often occur as a result of malpractice in the workplace.

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