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New research has revealed the vast majority of people who are still working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, feel positive about their current situation and have adapted well to the new routine. 

According to the data from Cognito Learning, approximately two thirds of people feel they are coping well or very well with their new routine and 29% said they are ok and getting there. Less than 5% gave a negative response.

Cognito Learning is a unique AI digital learning and wellbeing app. Employees using the app typically spend less than two minutes a day answering questions about wellbeing, training, products, procedures and compliance, to reinforce knowledge retention and give employers a valuable insight into where they need additional support or training. The company has now analysed the data that thousands of employees working across all industries have provided.

A common question employers are asking, through the app, is how people are feeling generally. On a scale of one to five, with one being negative and five being positive, almost 35% of people clicked number four and a third said they feel indifferent. Almost a fifth went for number five, revealing they are positive about the whole experience. Just 14% say they feel negative about working from home.

Kirsty Foster-Jennings, strategy director at Cognito Learning, said: “The ability of both organisations and employees to adapt to remote working has to be one of the big business stories to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home is becoming the norm for many employees across a vast range of industries and sectors and we’ve been helping companies across all sectors to find out how their people are adapting.

“The results are fascinating, and companies are now using the information to determine how they can improve working from home arrangements and better support people as they continue adapting to remote working.

“A key question is whether people will want to make working from home a permanent part of their work life, post Covid? This is something lots of employers need to consider now.”

Kirsty added: “Crucially, although the numbers of people feeling negative and struggling to adapt to their new routine are relatively low, these people should not be ignored. Good business leaders probably already know who is struggling, but it won’t always be obvious, and it pays to have a handle on how people are feeling. The best employers will then figure out how to help. This could mean simply providing a more comfortable office chair and desk, or they could offer tailor-made training or invite them to return to the office before everyone else.

“Simply making sure people know they have support and can ask for help goes a long way towards making people feel more positive – so it’s worth reinforcing this point.”

Employees using Cognito Learning on their phones, tablets or computers, answer daily questions and the app uses AI and engaging gamification to continuously help employees to understand, reinforce and retain their learning and knowledge.

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