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Are you looking for a fresh, new, and exciting career change? Do you want to utilise your love for driving and cars into a new career opportunity? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a driving related career may be right for you! 

There are many exciting job opportunities for passionate drivers that all bring their own challenges and advantages, it’s all about finding the right one for you. If you’re struggling to work out which driving related job will suit you, then keep reading as we’re about to discuss the different types of driving related careers and what sort of qualities you may need to thrive in them.

Reputable driving school Beverly Slater offers the following qualities you may need to thrive in a driving related career. 

Have a Passion For Driving 

First and foremost, to thrive in any driving related career you’re going to need to have a love for driving and everything to do with cars and the road. If you’re to succeed in any driving related job, a passion for driving is a must. You will be behind the wheel for hours at a time so it’s important that you’re comfortable with driving for long periods of time.

No matter what career you’re interested in, whether it’s becoming a taxi driver, bus driver, or driving instructor; you’re going to need to have a passion for driving!

People Skills 

If you’re looking for a career in driving then many of the jobs available involve talking to people on a daily basis. This is why it’s important to be comfortable talking and socialising with others whilst working. If you’re someone that makes easy chit-chat with strangers, loves a good conversation, and enjoys chatting to local people everyday, then a driving related career may be right for you!

Driving related careers such as taxi driving and bus driving involve meeting new people everyday, with bus driving you’ll be greeting the regular passengers onboard every morning or evening. This means that if you’re already comfortable making small talk with others, you’ll thrive in this career. 

Taxi driving especially involves meeting and chatting to all kinds of new people at any time of day. Offering a conversation to your passengers makes their experience with you better, that is unless they don’t wish to talk! 

People skills are really important in this career as you’ll have to know when your passengers want to talk or not, and what to talk about to make their day that much better. 

Have a Love For Teaching

There’s one driving related career where you’ll need a passion for teaching, and that is a driving instructor. Becoming a driving instructor is a very rewarding yet challenging career, you’re going to need all the traits a good teacher has such as patience, empathy and being knowledgeable, as well as a passion for driving.

If you’ve always thought about the idea of becoming a teacher and have a love for driving, then this driving related career may be right for you! 

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