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The world has recently seen a transformation in the way in which people work, thanks to recent world events. People used to wake up, get in the car and travel to the office, and start working. This was the norm for some time, and then the pandemic happened. Suddenly, people found themselves waking up and leaving their car keys on the hook and sitting down at their desks at home to start working. With most things, there is a silver lining, and in the case of the pandemic, one positive that can be taken away is the rise of the work from home model.

When employers started to provide their employees with equipment following the announcement that they would be working from home, many were sceptical about this new way of working. This was due to many fears, such as the isolating experience working from home gives some people or the fact that there are many distractions at home that could impede on work, such as loud children. However, upon the practice of the new work model, people found that they enjoyed working from home, given the added comfort it provides.

Many people will be aware that productivity is essentially how efficient something is produced or completed, and one way this can be impacted is comfort. Working from home is already the first step in increasing comfort, but there are also many things people can do to their workspace to increase their comfort significantly. This should result in improved productivity, allowing workers to finish early and do the things they love such as online gambling, provides a great platform for those looking for the best odds.

Display – Most office workers will use a computer screen to carry out day-to-day tasks and it is not a stretch to say that it is the nerve centre of work life. Given how many hours will typically be spent on the screen, it might prove a smart investment to purchase a good quality screen. Opting for an option with a high refresh rate will make simple tasks such as web browsing and word processing much smoother, thereby increasing comfort. Adding in a second screen will also always improve productivity as there is more space to display windows.

Blue-Light Glasses – These are an accessory that goes along with the display, and they should be considered by all who spend hours staring at a screen. This is because many will be aware of the pain that can ensue following a day’s work, including eye pain and headaches. These glasses block the harmful light a computer emits, making them highly desirable.

Chair – Like the computer, the chair will be used for most of the day when it comes to the kind of work an office worker does. Having an unsuitable chair can lead to health problems as well as reduced comfort, such as back issues. Investing in a great chair will improve comfort drastically and ensure that productivity is boosted too.

Those who are working from home should implement some of these upgrades if they want to see improvements in their productivity at work.

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