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Effective HR policies in the construction industry ensure that projects are completed on time and safely, as employees are motivated and their needs are catered for. Like with any other organization, the HR department must look after the welfare of its workers in the best way possible, keeping in mind the unique challenges of the industry. Here are a few tips that construction companies can apply to enhance their HR department.

The Company Should Project Future Workforce Needs

The construction industry is a milestone-driven discipline, and any shortages in the workforce directly affect workflows and delivery schedules. It is important that human resource professionals project any labor requirements in the near future using data so that they are able to plan. For example, if certain months experience a boom in home renovations or the company expects a few construction contracts, it should start outsourcing an extra workforce in time for the tasks.

Fill Gaps in Expertise with Training

The construction industry requires specialized skills in many areas. It is not uncommon to find gaps in various areas when the company is called upon to complete specific jobs. Unless the gap is highly specialized skills that need new staff, you should consider training to upgrade the current workforce. Training should be continuous to cover everything from buying goods in the marketplace for building materials to new building codes and emerging technologies.

Recruit Highly Skilled Personnel

The skill of the workforce directly translates to the quality of work done. Any company that seeks to deliver high quality jobs should consider recruiting a highly specialized workforce to handle specific tasks that require their skills. Possession of highly specialized skills can give the company a competitive advantage over its rivals.

Cultivate Good Relations with Unions

The construction industry is among the most unionized industries across the world. Every company that seeks to have smooth interactions with its workforce should always be in good books with the unions. It is good to communicate and discuss with the unions on matters of hiring workers, taking disciplinary actions, making changes to work policies, terminating workers and changing benefits. If you are in good books with the unions, they can be a resource to help keep your workers in line with your policy, and you will be able to deal with differences with your workers a lot better.

Do Constant Monitoring of Safety Compliance

The nature of the construction industry puts workers at the risk of injury. If an injury happens due to inadequate protection and safety violations, the company is going to pay hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in compensation and penalties as well as derail the project delivery timelines. It is important that the safety standards are checked every once in a while and corrective measures are taken immediately.

Companies should always start by training their staff on safety and giving specific members the responsibilities of overseeing it during construction projects. The HR team should work with the safety officer in evaluating any incidents that happen on every project and planning for safety in upcoming ones. All injuries and near accidents should also be reported and investigated so that they are prevented in the future.

Consider Dedicated Human Resources Software

The human resource management team should make decisions that are influenced by the workforce data. A great way to collect and analyze this data for the business’s success is by using HR management software. This tool helps the organization to plan, organize, and execute HR policies with greater efficiency and consistency. It also generates reports that can be used in evaluation and decision-making.

HR software also automates various other functions, such as appraisals, benefits, planning for leave days and determining gaps in the workforce. It also enables the management team to view the status of the workforce in one location when planning and assigning tasks.

Improve the Work Environment Constantly

The work environment should be improved regularly. As new technologies emerge, there are usually better and cheaper ways to do various tasks. It is important that the HR team finds ways to improve the work environment by introducing new technologies, streamlining the workflow, getting better building materials and improving site facilities for construction workers.

Construction companies face a unique set of challenges that affect how they manage their workforce. Human resource managers should always look for ways to manage the employees, improve the work environment and ensure that the company has both the skills and enough workforce to enable it to deliver projects that it is hired to complete. The tips above will aid in enhancing HR functions in the construction industry.

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