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The past few months have underscored the importance of recruitment in the global economy. In the wake of one of the most disruptive public health emergencies in a generation, hundreds of thousands of Britons have decided to quit their jobs, make sideways moves, or change careers altogether. The result? A huge uptick in the number of applicants contacting recruiters. With that number set to grow still higher, this is the perfect time to set yourself up in recruitment. Here’s how you’ll do it, in four easy steps.


You cannot start a recruitment firm without the skills required to make a success of your venture. It’s likely that you’ve already got some experience in recruiting, which means that you are well-placed to head up your firm. Still, you will need additional staff to help you cover the administration, the phone calls, the job listings and all of the other tasks that a successful recruitment firm will have to undertake. Search for skilled and experienced workers, rather than those wet behind the ears, in order to make your first months as a firm as smooth as possible – generating revenue but also a good reputation for your company.


Next up is financing. The set-up costs of a recruitment firm are relatively low, seeing as there’s little capital investment required in order to hook up candidates with vacant roles. You’ll still need some cash to spend on computing and wages in your first handful of months though, and this can come from experienced recruitment finance companies that have knowledge in funding ventures just like yours. In these funding partnerships, you’ll benefit from more than just investment – you’ll have access to expertise, advice, and even software to help you manage your tasks with speed and accuracy.


You’ll know that the success of your recruitment firm hinges largely on your ability to forge contacts and create for yourself a network of companies that are constantly requiring new workers. Some firms may choose to set up in a niche, while others will offer agency-style jobs or a general spread of mid-level professional services jobs. Your decision on whether to occupy a niche will depend largely on your personal and professional networks, and the sorts of contacts that you can drum up in the first weeks of your venture. Concentrate heavily on these contacts in order to grow your business rapidly.


As well as professional contacts in firms, you’ll also need to find a way to access and contact those looking for jobs. This you’ll achieve through marketing – getting your brand and your business value out there on social media and Google so that job-seekers can find you and search through your listings. Again, in your first handful of weeks, it’s worth chasing up on all of the leads that you generate – even if that means picking up the phone and chasing applicants to provide you with more details about the roles they’re interested in.

Setting up a recruitment firm in today’s job market is a shrewd move. This guide’s about what you ought to focus on in those first months of operations.

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