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As your company grows, it’s natural for some members of staff to start to feel isolated or even unwanted. They may feel that their voice isn’t being heard and that their hard work isn’t being recognized. The HR department should work to change this, ensuring that all employees feel powerful. This can do wonders for confidence and help the whole team to succeed. Here are some ways of making sure that no one in your company feels powerless.

Give Everyone a Chance to Lead

Most businesses operate in a strict hierarchical structure. This means that there are some who are always in charge and others who just do what they’re told. This can make those at the bottom of the hierarchy feel as though they don’t have as much capability. As an HR professional, though, you can empower them.

Try rotating leaders as new projects arise. Every year, each employee should be given the responsibility of running a major project. They should be given the chance to be the creative driving force, delegating roles to their colleagues. This can help give a worker a much-needed self-esteem boost while also allowing them to upskill and potentially rise through the ranks of the company.

Educate Them About Their Rights

Anyone who works for a company has a significant number of rights, protecting them from harassment and discrimination. However, many low-level workers simply aren’t aware of what rights they have. They may just be happy to be employed and will put up with poor conditions or bad treatment by colleagues and bosses.

As we all know, knowledge is power. A simple training day that explains what rights a worker has is enough to make them feel more powerful. Armed with this knowledge, they’ll know that any time they’re bullied or harassed, they can stand up for themselves. When you know the law is on your side, you have nothing to fear.

Connect Them to an Attorney

Lawyers exist to redress the balance of power between those who have it and those who don’t. They give a voice to the voiceless, using their knowledge of the law to protect the vulnerable from unfair treatment. However, most employees won’t have regular contact with an attorney who is experienced in employment law.

By simply starting the conversation between a worker and a lawyer, you’re giving them power. They’ll be able to raise any concerns they may have and an attorney can explain whether they have a legitimate case. Organize an employment discrimination lawyer free consultation to start building this relationship between a member of staff and a legal representative.

Everyone within a team should feel wanted and valued. If they don’t, their mental wellbeing can decline rapidly. They’ll likely want to leave the company as soon as possible. Prevent this from happening by using the tips above to help all team members feel powerful. This will reinvigorate their loyalty to the company. Watch their performance and satisfaction rise quickly as a result.

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