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To be able to compete effectively, all businesses need to make the best use of technology. The more they do this the easier it is for them to stay ahead of their competition.

But there are a lot of different types of technology to choose between. As a result, some technologies are being overlooked and under-utilized by all types of business owners.

This is certainly the case when it comes to digital signage. These digital screens are widely used in the retail space, but not that many workshop or office-based businesses have them yet. This is a shame, because, as you will see, they are a highly effective tool that can be utilized in many different ways. Businesses can use digital signs for office culture initiatives, to keep their workers organized, motivated, and well-informed. Once deployed, the screens can be updated within a few minutes, and this can all be done from one PC or another digital device. So, they are a practical option for any size business. Here are a few examples of how they can be used. In particular, how digital signage can be deployed to improve company culture.

To share and remind everyone of the company´s mission and goals

For many companies, its mission and goals are the bedrock of their culture. This is particularly the case in a result-orientated business. For them, sharing and reinforcing their mission and goals regularly is essential.

Digital screens are the perfect way to do this. They can be installed virtually anywhere ensuring that every single employee is reached.

Encouraging people to achieve departmental goals

Importantly, the message can be tailored to fit in with the needs of the people who are going to read it. The screen in the sales office can remind that team of goals that are specific to them. While the one the production team sees as they file onto the shop floor can display another message. One that fits in more closely with the goals they are working to achieve.

It is also possible to share results using digital screens. This is a highly effective way to keep people motivated, to help them to feel that they are making a difference and playing an active role in achieving results for the business.

Goal setting is extremely effective. Even “do your best” style goals have been shown to improve performance by 18%. This article explains why that is and how to manage goal setting properly. Including feeding results back to employees.

To share the details of internal events

Many companies host internal events as a way of bringing everyone together, celebrating success, and improving team spirit. These events can be widely advertised using digital screens.

If the screens are located low enough, a QR code can be included. This can then be scanned by employees who are planning to attend. When that happens the booking form can open automatically on their phones and be immediately filled in. This enables people to commit to attending immediately they see the notice, boosting the attendance rate, which means every event has a bigger positive impact on company culture. You can find out more about how to use QR codes for event registration by clicking here.

To notify and remind people of meetings

It is also possible to use them to keep everyone better organized. For example, to remind office staff of the time and location of important meetings. Or, to tell shop floor workers to start preparing for a shift change.

To share motivational messages

Motivational messages work. They make us pause, think, and see things in a more positive light. Leaving us feeling buoyed up and ready for action.

Digital screens enable business owners to share them in the form of short videos, GIFs, memes, or posters. It could be a motivational message from the chairman or one of the third-party motivational videos that are recommended here. All a business owner needs to do is to watch them, check that the license enables them to be publicly shown, download it and display it on their screens.

Where to put up digital signage in your business

As you can see, digital signage is an incredibly effective and flexible tool. But to get the most out of these screens, businesses need to put them up in the right places. They need to be deployed where everyone can see them, and somewhere people have the time to pause, notice them and digest the information.

Staff rooms and canteens are one option. But it also makes sense to put them up at strategic points in offices, workshops, and on the shop floor.

Getting started is easy

It is easy for businesses to start to benefit from using digital screens. They are not that expensive to buy and, in most areas, can easily be leased for a low cost.

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