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One of the biggest challenges that you can face in business is a toxic employee. These can actually be harder to manage than a toxic person in your life, which is why it is so important that you know how to handle this situation to achieve a positive outcome for the business.

A toxic employee has the potential to interfere with other employees and create a negative atmosphere in the workplace that can make it hard for the company to succeed and even cause other staff to leave. Often, the situation can be resolved without taking any drastic action, but these situations can also become complex and hard to manage.

Start With Direct Feedback

The first step to take is direct feedback. Managers should be providing all staff with regular feedback to keep them on the right track and to keep morale high, so direct feedback can be a chance to nip the situation in the bud before it starts to affect others. Obviously, you need to be tactful in your approach and make sure that they understand what the issue is and what is expected from them as part of the company. You should also have evidence of their toxic behaviour to verify the claims.

Follow Up the Discussion

You then need to allow the employee the chance to change their behaviour and become a positive presence with the company. This may not happen overnight, but you do need to see some progress shortly after the initial discussion. Schedule another meeting with them to discuss and have tangible evidence of their performance during this period. Hopefully, they will have taken positive steps to address their toxic behaviour, but if not, then you need to take action for the good of the company.

Terminating Employment

If the toxic employee has not changed their behaviour following feedback, time to change and a follow-up meeting, then terminating employment is often the best solution. You can get advice on how to do this properly and avoid unfair or constructive dismissal claims. Terminating employment of a toxic employee should be the final option, but it can also be highly effective and help to create a better environment in the workplace while allowing your team to thrive.

Managing a toxic employee is a major headache in business. It is also a sensitive issue and one that needs to be handled carefully, especially because toxic employees often will often blame anyone but themselves. Hopefully, this post will help and allow you to resolve the issue and take the business forward.