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Employee Appreciation Day will be celebrated in workplaces all over the UK tomorrow (Friday, 4 March, 2022). 

The celebratory day originates from the USA and was first launched in 1995. Now its held annually on the first Friday in March and it’s increasingly embraced internationally as a day dedicated to recognising and thanking employees for their contribution in the workplace.

Frank Creighton, director of business development at Appreciate Business Services, home of Love2shop, the UK’s leading rewards and incentives specialists, asserts that the day has an exciting role to play in inspiring all-year-round recognition. 

He says: “As the world marks 24 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and unprecedented economic pressures, organisations have a unique opportunity to thank employees who rose to the challenge during this time and continue to do so.

“A definitive day of appreciation for the efforts made all year round by employees who have weathered the storms of remote, hybrid or frontline work is a great opportunity to create unity and connection. As many organisations plan ahead for a fresh, new financial year in April, celebrating and reflecting on employees’ contributions in March can steer a fresh perspective and add to a progressive work culture.”

A simple thank-you, he stresses, can make all the difference – anything from a surprise gift, such as a gift card or voucher to spend as they wish, to a work anniversary day off to recognise their hard work. 

Top 10 fun ways to celebrate EAD 2022 from the experts at Appreciate Business Services:

  1. Start the day with a companywide or team wide email ‘roll call’ of employees who have given their ‘A game’ in the last year
  2. The bacon butties are on the boss – host a ‘pat on the back’ breakfast for staff and yes, the boss is paying!
  3. Drop a surprise e-gift into staff’s inboxes or direct to their smart phone, that will make their day . How about a Love2shop contactless card they can spend immediately on what they really want?
  4. Announce a ‘pens down’ or ‘laptops closed’ happy hour on Friday, where you all stop and enjoy a cuppa, glass of fizz and some cake, while celebrating staff achievements
  5. Surprise ‘Super Star staff Gallery’ – do a company foyer or reception takeover and put on a photo exhibition of all the staff who have really shone this last year – imagine the smiles as they arrive at work
  6. Job swap – a bit like Secret Santa – pop all the senior leadership’s names into a hat and let staff pick one out. For the rest of the day, you’ve got a promotion!
  7. Competition time – everyone loves a surprise gift – host an hourly prize draw on Friday with lucky staff winning days off, late starts, the boss’s parking spot, free lunch in the canteen for a month, or just some handy gift cards!
  8. Send a goody bag, gourmet lunch box or gift card to WFH staff who may not be able to get in the office for the celebrations
  9. Get personal… in a good way! Say thanks on Friday with a personalised day away from the office doing what they love outside of work – a yoga workshop, rock-climbing day in Wales, a spa day or simply a duvet day to recharge batteries
  10. Boardroom takeover – don’t panic; it’s just for fun. Allow staff to raid the boardroom and have an all-day celebration of their achievements while sitting on the CEO’s chair 

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