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When it comes to SEO, the first thought that crosses your mind is search ranking and traffic. A high search ranking brings traffic to your website and increases the chances of conversions. Besides conversions and revenues, SEO propels your brand by creating awareness and credibility. Of course, buyers trust you more if your website is visible on the first page of search rankings. There isn’t a better way to market your offerings and build a brand in the era of digital selling.

But surprisingly, the benefits of SEO extend beyond marketing and brand awareness. It can also help build your employer’s brand. A robust one enables you to secure the best talent in the competitive market. As most candidates look for ideal jobs and companies online, ranking as a top employer gives you a winning advantage. Most companies invest in career pages and even career websites and ensure they show up on top of search rankings to create a winning employer brand. Let us explain how SEO can help in this context.

Ensure mobile-friendliness

Great SEO is about a well-optimized website with features like an excellent design, fast loading speed, and mobile responsiveness. In fact, a mobile-friendly website is crucial to bringing top talent to your career page or site. A majority of candidates look for job opportunities on-the-go from their mobile devices. They may do it while commuting or during break hours at work. A mobile-friendly site ensures a great experience, regardless of the device they access it with. Moreover, it gets you on top of search rankings because the Google search algorithm prioritizes responsiveness as one of the critical factors.

Leverage the potential of backlinks

This one is a no-brainer because backlinks are the cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy, whether for product marketing or employer branding. Quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites may elevate your search engine ranking. Experts at OutreachMonks recommend implementing a robust link-building plan that takes your career page to the top. Link your posts to your career page or site. Also, include your social profiles, such as a Facebook or LinkedIn Page. You must include backlinks pointing to your career site every time you post an opening on a forum or job board.

Use internal links

Quality external links are the lifeblood of SEO, but you cannot overlook the value of internal links for ranking. Using internal links is a good way to ensure that search engines crawl your career site. Remember that search engines do not index the pages they cannot find, so crawling is the key. Structure the content in a hierarchy so that all pages, including the career page, link to the home page. Once you complete these steps, there are good chances of making your job page visible and attracting relevant traffic to them.

Post quality content regularly

Quality content is perhaps the best way to get high search engine rankings for your website, including the career section. Enrich the page with relevant and valuable content that serves helpful information to jobseekers. Also, optimize it with relevant keywords and phrases that users are most likely to search for. Search engines rely on keyword density to ensure the relevance and authenticity of your brand. Avoid keyword stuffing because it does more harm than good and may even fetch penalties. Find relevant ones and use them strategically in job descriptions and on your career page.

Engage the audience

Engaging the audience takes you the extra mile by strengthening your brand’s presence as an employer. Start by consistently updating your career page with fresh content. Adding a  blog to your career website is a good idea. Post relevant content and interesting topics as blog posts to keep the SEO strategy running. Guest blogs make a great idea for reaching out to your target audience and making quality backlinks at the same time. But everything boils down to finding the apt blogging opportunities with guest bloggers having a good following. You can read more about blogger outreach and outsource the service from experts for success. Look for a partner with good connections in the industry to get more job traffic and credibility for your employer brand.

Stick with genuine tactics

Seasoned SEO strategists recommend sticking with genuine tactics to get effective and sustainable results. You may feel tempted to choose black hat techniques to take your employer’s brand to the top quickly. For example, link exchanges and keyword over-optimization may give a spurt to your ranking. But beware of Google penalties as they are likely to come sooner than later. Search engines are smarter than ever, and they quickly penalize websites for cheating and dishonest SEO tactics.

Although it is not possible to control your search engine ranking, you can do your bit to elevate them and sustain the position for the long haul. Employer branding SEO is quite similar to ranking for client outreach. But the focus should be on strengthening your career page and catering relevant content for relevant candidates.

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