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How Much Does A Casino Croupier Earn?

Do you enjoy being inside a casino and do you see the type of fun, excitement and glamour you too might cherish in becoming a casino dealer?

You might view the job of a casino dealer as a perfect job from a distance, because you already enjoy playing the games you find at casinos, and this time, you will earn money by playing games. A lot of casinos now recruit for live dealer positions where it could be you spinning the online roulette wheel to thousands of players at a casino or roulette site.

Now, the amount you win for the house as a casino dealer does not depend on how you play. But you still enjoy a wager per hour and some tips too.

When you compare this to some other jobs, you might see being a casino dealer as a big deal. As casino gambling gains popularity across the country, it brings more jobs with it, and the number of potential employees ready to fill these positions may be few. The meaning is that there is an increase in the wages.

In this post, we are looking at what a casino dealer can possibly earn.

What Is a Casino Dealer’s Average Wage?

The average wage of a casino dealer will not impress you. This is because the industry is a service type. So, while thinking of what you will earn as a dealer, you have to work it out as of the same category with the work of bartenders and waitresses.

The amount you make depends more on tips than in the hourly wage.

The tips will only come when you serve the customers well.

The meaning is that if you are not people oriented enough, this job might not be for you.

The game does not differentiate the job of casino dealers; the amount that dealers of baccarat games make is the same with blackjack dealers, and same with those that deal poker games, and others.

For an average casino dealer, the pay normally starts at $8 and $10 per hour. Some of them are also based on experience. So, if you would be working 40 hours a week for instance, which may not be possible in most cases, you will be going home with $16,000 to $20,000 per annum. Most of the newbie casino dealers are not given up to 40 hours per week. You see that the wages are barely enough to offset the rent for those with a roommate in a cheap apartment.

But the lucky thing is that there is money to make from tips from gamblers.

Based on the casino you work in and the stakes of the games you deal, you may be lucky to get an average of between $15 and $50 per hour of tips. Of course, you should also know that the $50 per hour stands as an outlier. It is possible for those that work on high end casinos and who deal high limit games to the high rollers. Not all high rollers tip, and some tip very small too.

The highest amount of money is made by dealers of poker games consistently, but the people skills of the dealers determine this. There are cases where the dealers are forced to pool these tips.

There is no guarantee that you will make more tips when you deal high stakes poker games. Some of the high rollers in poker games are known for cheapskates. When you deal high roller caps, blackjack or roulette, you have chances of more tips than when you deal high limit hold’em poker.

Information from Glassdoor has it that the average dealer makes about $40,000 per annum. For them, an average poker dealer also goes home with $20,000 per annum. Employees that are related to this, like a Floor Supervisor, according to the site, goes home with an average of $53,000 per annum, while the Casino Host can get up to $35,000 per annum. The Shift Managers, according to their estimate, earn an average of $27,000 per annum. In the site, salaries are also listed by company, and the best casino to be a dealer in seems to be Caesar’s, which pays up to $42,000 per annum.

From, we gathered more survey results, and the suggestion is that it’s $15 per hour and this will mean $30,000 per annum. Here, the dealer position for Black Hawk Casino in Colorado was listed, and they named a starting pay of $38 per hour. When this is calculated, it would amount to $76,000 per annum.

From ZipRecruiter, the suggestion is that top dealers earn up to $400,000 per annum, but no one expects that to be accurate. The other averages they have in their site matches with what is obtainable in other sites.

The Perks and Drawbacks of the Job

If you are informed about the service business, you will understand that one of the biggest perks is the fact that you get to deal with the customers directly, and this can also be the biggest drawback. This is very true in the casino business, and that’s because when money is involved, emotions tend to run high.

If you are dealing a game, you will be on your feet for most of the time. If it is poker that you are dealing in the card room, you will need to cushion your chair with an extra pillow. Among the biggest drawbacks of being a casino dealer is the fact that something you used as a leisure exercise becomes work. It is great to play blackjack if you do it a few hours a few times a year. But when you deal blackjack for 30 hours a week for up to six weeks nonstop, it will become very stressful, drudgery, and even boring. Some casinos still allow smoking. You might or might not be bothered by that. Most people might be bothered by this, though.

Another perk of this job is that no degree is required. To become a dealer, you may just go to a vocational school, and this reduces the financial commitments and time, when you compare to what other careers demand. It may just take a few months for you to qualify to be a casino dealer, after investing just $1,000.

If you are a night crawler, or you need a side job – something that some may call moonlighting – this job may be ideal for you. This is because most of the casinos work round the clock, and do you know the hardest shifts for the managers to cover? Your guess as good as mine

Very large firms that have effective human resources departments own the majority of the casinos. The meaning is that you may be eligible for a benefit package, which may include retirement benefits, paid leave, and even health insurance.

Casino dealers enjoy longer breaks than people in other jobs. Most casinos allow for a 30 minutes break after every 90 minutes of work. So, if you are doing an eight hours shift, you will enjoy a break of up to 2 hours. As a casino dealer, you will have a lot of stories to tell. Many adages and anecdotes will come your way as a dealer.


If you love casino games, cherish people, and do not have a problem with cigarettes, the ideal career for you might be becoming a casino dealer. You are not to earn the money lost by the players, but you will often get tips from them, especially when they win. So, you should wish them luck. While $15 might be the minimum you make as a casino dealer, you may also make up to $100,000.