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Give Your Corporate Event the “WOW!” Factor

If you’ve been tasked with creating a corporate event, whether that corporate events is focused on training, a holiday, or a special milestone or recognition, then you might be stressing when it comes to how to put together the perfect event. The key to creating a corporate event that really has the “WOW!” factor is to make your corporate event an unforgettable one. The first step to creating an unforgettable corporate event, it’s important to consider your audience, as well as the goals of your event. Once you’ve recognized your objectives and audience, then you’re ready to lay the foundation for a unique corporate event. In this guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look at five different ways you can make your corporate event one your guests will remember!

  • Set a Theme

Nothing sets the mood for a corporate event quite like centering the event’s festivities around a theme. There are lots of themes to choose from, including holiday celebrations. If you want to think outside of the box, you could consider a theme such as a block party, mini-golf, cinema, casino, or even a camping retreat. Another fun theme could be centered around an escape room! Setting a theme is a great way to give your event the “WOW!” factor because it gets guests in the spirit of having fun!

  • Hire Entertainment

Once you’ve set your theme, it’s time to consider what entertainment will make your corporate event stand out and really excite your guests. Ideas for live entertainment include a celebrity lookalike, comedian, magician, cover band, circus-themed entertainment, hypnotist, or even a live artist. You could even have a petting zoo or puppy play area at your event. Who doesn’t like puppies? When you hire entertainment for your corporate event, you’re giving your event a life of its own. Entertainment adds to the overall feel of your event and leaves the guests with fond memories of a well planned corporate entertainment.

  • Leverage AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are all the rage right now, and organizations across the country are finding interesting ways to implement these technologies. For instance, AR and VR can be used for immersive training. Some police departments are already leveraging AR and VR to help train their officers. Aside from training, AR and VR can be used as a fun and interactive way to showcase a demo or presentation. If you want to have a little extra fun, you could even feature a scavenger hunt at your corporate event using AR and VR. Using this new technology lets your guests have fun and try something new, and that definitely will add the “WOW!” factor to your corporate event!

  • Give Something Away

It’s true – some guests are going to come just for the free stuff. Why not use that knowledge to your advantage? At your corporate event, you could host a contest or giveaway using a standard door prize format, or you could take your contest to the next level with a scavenger hunt, relay race, or trivia. Also, swag bags are all the rage, so if you have some freebies to give out, your guests will have an even better experience!

  • Lease a Photo Booth

A photo booth offers a fun way for your guests to document how much fun they’re having! Photo booths are a novelty, and props make them even more fun. There are many companies that specialize in the lease of photo booths for corporate events. Some photo booths are designed just for headshots, which could give your guests a fun way to update their headshot while at your event! A photo booth at your corporate event is likely to be talked about for a long time!

If you want to create a spectacular corporate event, you’ve got to have the “WOW!” factor, and that’s not usually found in just a single thing. Instead, it’s about creating an atmosphere that inspires guests to get excited and leave feeling energetic. When you achieve that, then you know you’ve created a successful corporate event for your company and employees. It’s important, of course, to always scale to your audience and budget, but with a little creativity and the tips found in this guide, you’ll be on the right track to creating a corporate event that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!