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Employment Growth in the Online Betting Industry During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, many people have been forced to stay home indefinitely. The result? Online traffic is surging like never before. With brick-and-mortar casinos closing their doors to regular visitors, thousands of new players have begun visiting online gambling platforms. 

As the online gambling sector is growing, online casinos are constantly looking for fresh employees to ensure they operate at a high standard. The gambling job market has switched towards online roles such as content management, technical support, community management, and other related fields. Furthermore, the focus of gambling sites is now leaning towards creativity. Skilled programmers and designers are working day and night to keep up with the higher demand for new and better online casino games.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the employment opportunities betting sites are offering to people all around the world. 

Software Developers

The demand for new online slots and table games never ends, which is why online casinos are always looking for new talent to work in game development. Game developers strike the perfect balance between artist and technician. Their main duties are producing, designing, programming, and editing. Creativity is always a plus in this line of work, as developers must be able to imagine new and exciting forms of gameplay while also solving any number of problems. 

Security Analysts

Scammer sites are a big issue for the gambling industry. Most players have become extremely cautious, as nobody wants to fall victim to a gambling scam. Online betting sites are aware of this and are working to provide top-notch security for their customers.

Betting sites are always on the lookout for experienced security analysts to maintain systems, prevent data leaks, and keep hackers away. Furthermore, their job is to update software and systems regularly to avoid any possible security issues. For those with a degree in information technology or cybersecurity, this job can be quite appealing, as security analysts can earn an annual salary of at least £25,000 with possible growth.

Customer Service Staff

24/7 customer support is a crucial aspect of every high-level online betting site. Staff members are required to solve gamblers’ queries and provide all possible information customers might require about the site. This job is ideal for fast-thinking and eloquent individuals who speak several different languages. 


Experienced gamblers regularly visit gambling blogs to read user reviews and discover new betting sites on the market. This is why casinos need to create fresh content regularly to promote their products and draw in as many readers as possible. To produce such content, betting sites are always in need of creative and imaginative copywriters. 

To be a good copywriter, you must be highly skilled in writing, have a penchant for creativity and flair, and understand search engine optimization (SEO). Copywriters have become indispensable to online casinos and can attract an annual salary ranging from £23,000 to £25,000.

Account Managers

Just like any other business, an online casino must constantly work to grow its customer portfolio. The best way to do this is to hire an account manager. This position involves building new relationships with clients while maintaining connections with existing ones. By building a larger client base and creating serious customer policies, account managers can successfully boost a company’s revenue. 

Account managers must be persistent, proactive, and creative. They’re involved in business matters, technical projects, and new product concepts. An account manager must work closely with both external partners and internal teams to predict, plan, report, and execute business strategies with the goal of maximizing profit. 


In this article we’ve highlighted just some of the many jobs available in the online gambling industry. As the pandemic continues and brick-and-mortar casinos remain closed, betting sites will offer more and more job opportunities. Rest assured that, as long as social distancing continues to be mandatory, online gambling will continue to flourish.