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Do Responsible Gambling Initiatives Work?

By 18/01/2021No Comments

There is no getting away from the fact that gambling is big business, and you only have to take a look at the internet and see the sheer number of gambling related sites that are available to know there are a huge number of people the world over that must be using those sites or there would not be as many of them available as there are.

However, one of the downsides of gambling sites and even mobile gambling apps being so readily available, is that those with a gambling related problem are always going to be exposed to the risks of gambling either online or from wherever they happen to be when using a casino app for example.

In fact, some people who did not initially have any type of problem gambling have gone on to develop such problems due to the ease at which they can sign up to for example an online casino site, make a deposit then set about playing whatever casino games they like.

To at the very least reduce the risk of people getting carried away at such sites, the UK Gambling Commission has instructed every single online casino site and other gaming site operators they license to have in place a range of option settings that their customers can make use of to lower the risk of them getting carried away.

Those include for example a deposit limit, and if you are an avid or even occasional gambler who does like playing real money casino game online or on a mobile device, then please do make sure you set yourself a deposit limit before you start to gamble, to ensure you will never lose more money than you may have planned to do.

GamStop Offers an Alternative Way to Stop Gambling

I would like to introduce you to one service that you should certainly consider making use of if you would like to give up gambling online, and that is the service offered by GamStop.

What they offer is a streamlined way for anyone who gambles at UK licensed casino and other gambling sites to add their names onto a register which is then accessible by each gaming site operators in Great Britain.

Those operators are then required to scan their player database and if they find a match with anyone on the GamStop register they must immediately close down that customers account and not allow them to sign up again.

Those sites that do not have that player listed must make sure they cannot at any point in time moving forward joining their sites as a new customer either, therefore by adding your name onto that register you can quickly and in a seamless way too, self-exclude yourself from a great many different UK gambling sites, and therefore never run the risk of gambling at those sites at any time in the future either.

Casinos Licensed Outside the UK Not Part of GamStop

As long as you are always aware that is will only ever be those casino sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, then using GamStop will at the very least negate the possibility of you ever gambling at such sites in the future.

However, that does of course leave you open to gambling at sites licensed anywhere else in the world or even worse signing up to an unlicensed site, both being things you should do everything in your power to avoid doing when you are trying to give up gambling.

With that in mind and to save you having to scour the web looking for non GamStop casino sites that you will then have to self-exclude yourself individually from, consider downloading a software package known as a gambling site blocker.

Many different companies offer such a tool, and you can download it onto computers, laptops, tablet devices and smart phones and once you do so an install it onto your devices you will then not be able to access any gambling related website. That will in turn ensure you are never going to give into temptation later on and sign up to a casino or gambling site that is not part of the GamStop scheme.

Keep in mind though there may be a small charge to access gambling site blockers too, but some are available free of charge too, and you really do owe it to yourself to make use of such a tool when you want to stop gambling for good.