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As an employer, it’s your duty to manage your employees effectively, fairly and legally. However, with so many other responsibilities to manage and the topic of employment law being so incredibly immersive and demanding, juggling these responsibilities effectively, is easier said than done.

This is where fixed fee employment solicitors come in. By bringing in a team of highly experienced employment solicitors and HR professionals, you’ll be able to utilise their collective experience and receive comprehensive information on all facets of employment law that may be impacting your business at any time. While some businesses choose to bring in solicitors on an ad-hoc basis, utilising a fixed fee employment solicitor team to handle your legal and compliance demands via a flexible contract simply makes sense. Not only will you receive continuous support, but full audits of your current workplace policies and full adaptation to the way your business operates. This approach means that your business is covered legally, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on other demanding areas of your enterprise.

If you’re questioning why your business might need to invest in a fixed fee employment law team, read on to find out more.

Discipline Matters

When something goes wrong within the workplace, the employees responsible need to be held accountable. However, it’s vital that your business upholds its integrity during these sensitive matters and ensures that every stage of the disciplinary procedure is followed to the letter – this is where your employment law team comes in. From giving your current disciplinary procedures a full audit to developing discipline strategies that not only benefit you but also help your employees to improve their performance, investing in an employment law team will ultimately benefit everyone within your business.

Overseeing Employee Contracts

Employee contracts set out the expectations you have for your employees and what your employees can expect from you as their employer. These contracts are a set of carefully structured guidelines that your employment law experts can help you put together. They cover everything from their start date and their salary to what happens in the event of contract termination. These contracts must be reviewed regularly with your legal team to ensure they’re up to standard, clear and compliant.

Making Major Changes to Your Business

Whether you’re planning on merging with another company, streamlining your operations or cutting back on employees and benefits, to make these changes legally and to keep your business protected, you must have a strong employment law team behind you, every step of the way. They’ll ensure, not only that everything is done legally, but also that your reputation is protected throughout this difficult process.

Employee Terminations

Sometimes, things don’t work out. And working with your legal team to create a rigid and carefully executed termination plan ensures you and your employees are protected. Your legal team will ensure that your employees are treated fairly and receive everything they are entitled to. This approach covers all bases and reduces the likelihood of future legal action against your business.

Final Thoughts…

Often, having a legal team at your side is essential for business growth and compliance.