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Clever Places to Store Your Spare Keys

It is no secret that owning a spare key in the first place is somewhat of a security hazard. But there are many upsides to having them handy. You never know when you’ll lose a copy or forget them somewhere. These things are inevitable. 

If you don’t have a programmable lock, then a spare key is a necessity. Even more, rather than calling a pricey blacksmith to work on your lock, using services like Fast Keys will arm you with all the spares you need. 

But you can’t just shove it under a rock or welcome mat, best believe that’s the first place the burglars will check. With that in mind, here are five clever places to store your spare keys. 

  1. A few blocks away 

As long as you’re not trespassing, it’s not a bad idea to stash a key a few blocks away from your home. In fact, it’s a great idea. This is because if anyone stumbled across the key, it would be almost impossible to connect you to it. So, your home is safe and you’ve got a great secret place to drop your spare key for when you need it the most. 

  1. Behind your car’s license plate

This is another great place because it’s a bit of a hassle to get to. But for you, the hassle will be totally worth it, since you’ll be gaining access to your locked home. Simply unscrew the license plate, place the key behind it and screw it back. For the most part, burglars are looking to get in and out quickly. So, they may be happier with a key under a rock. Just remember to take it out if you decide to sell it gift the car out. 

  1. Under some fake dog poop

This one works whether you have a dog or not since no one is actually going to go fishing through something that looks like dog poop. So, where are you going to get fake dog poop? You can simply make it yourself and it doesn’t need much. 

Start by forming a mound of hot glue. Try to make it look like something that popped out of your dog’s behind. Once dry, paint it brown and glue it to a container with the key inside. Finally, bury the container and leave the dog poop to sit there in all its glory. 

  1. In a combination lockbox.

This is a good idea because even if someone somehow finds this lockbox, they’ll have to figure out the combination. You can choose to bury the box or hide it somewhere out of sight. Ensure that the combination is not something easy, like your house number, because that truly defeats the purpose. 

  1. Keep a copy with a trusted neighbor or nearby friends/family. 

The keyword here is ‘trusted’. Be sure that your key is safe with whoever you drop it with for safekeeping. This is equally a good option because if someone finds the key, they would hardly connect it to your house. So, it is safe with them as long as you trust them wholly.