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Over the past 18 months, the entire world has been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and has ensured that we have had to change how we have lived our lives dramatically to prevent the spread of the virus. One of the main ways in which we have done this as a globe is to work from home where possible, and with the successes that this has brought to both employees and colleagues, it looks as if its going to be a trend that stick around post-covid.

One of the main benefits to working from home has been that employers have been able to see which of their workforce that they are able to trust, and who is willing and wanting to work hard, even when they aren’t under supervision. Employers have then been able to see how productive each employee is and work out who then can be praised for their efforts with added perks, and who needs to have a performance review on their productivity throughout the working day.

During the lockdown months, whilst employees have been working from home, they have had to find alternative ways in which to entertain themselves, and at TBC, they have seen a surge in numbers during this time. These particular sites guarantee that your casino fun won’t be limited by gamstop at any point, and numbers continue to rise even with coming to the end of the pandemic.

Another benefit to working from home, but this time for the employees, is the money that they have been able to save during this period. There have been multiple different ways in which employees have been able to save money, but the main way has been through their commuting money, as they are now working from home and don’t have to travel to work. Commuting costs can come in an array of different ways including petrol costs, wear and tear on the employee’s car, parking costs, train tickets, bus tickets or any other way in which it costs to get to work.

And finally, working from home has given employees a better work life balance which has in some cases improved the mental health of employees. Because colleagues now have more time at home, they have been able to utilise this time to start work early and therefore finish early, and then use their extra time to do something productive like exercise, learn a new skill, working on their cooking/diet and a whole host of other things, which have promoted a healthier work-life balance.