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Being able to go back to work has meant that most of us have had to retire our comfy work outfits. We’ll also have to stop singing loudly along to our fave tunes, and leave that stinky lunch at home. 

But what are the weird WFH habits we’ll miss the most as we return to the office?

Moneypenny surveyed 1,000 of UK workers to find out, revealing that for workers in the UK, digging out the basics is the toughest task.

Those living in the South West would agree with that the most, as 22% said that not having to wear a bra was the reason they like working from home the most. This was followed by 17% of those from the North West. 

Other regions will miss other parts of a comfortable dress code.

16% of those surveyed from the East Midlands said they’ll miss their pyjamas, whilst 18% of workers from the North East said they wish they could take their slippers with them when they go back to the office.

Having snacks by your side during the working day is always a great WFH set up. The North East would agree, as 40% of people in the region said they’ll miss being able to snack, eat and drink when they like.

37% of workers in the North East said they’ll also miss being able to exercise in the middle of the day.

For others, being able to pop to the shops between meetings is something that many of us have taken advantage of over the last year. For those in the South East, they’ll miss this the most, with 39% of workers in the region saying so. 

But how does the UK feel about being back around our colleagues, when some of us are still wary about the pandemic?

In a separate survey, Moneypenny wanted to find out more about how the UK feels about sharing a workspace with their colleagues again.

17% of those surveyed from West Midlands said they do not trust their colleagues and will keep an eye on them and will report them to the management if necessary. 

The survey also showed that Scotland had the highest number of surveyed workers not trusting their colleagues to keep COVID measures and social distancing at all with 10%. 

64% of workers in the North East trust their colleagues to continue social distancing and other covid measures in place. This was followed by 57% of those in the South East.