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Increase your productivity levels and overall wellbeing with the ergonomic chair and standing desk from Autonomous.

Medical professionals worldwide have always stressed the importance of the right posture in preventing chronic health problems. And with the recent boost in employees working from home during the pandemic has emphasized the need for ergonomic furniture. Comfortable chairs and standing desks with multiple posture adjustment permutations are the rage now.

One such impeccable product is the SmartDesk Core from Autonomous. If your work involves being seated for long, invest in this height-adjustable standing desk. Team it up with an ergonomic chair from a reputed manufacturer to improve your productivity.

Here is an unbiased SmartDesk Core and ErgoChair Pro review to help you make an informed purchase decision:

Durable Standing Desk That Is Also Easy on the Eyes

Almost every expert that conducted an Autonomous standing desk review has come to the same opinion. That is: SmartDesk Core is one of the most functional and affordable products in the market. This motorized creation comes in an elegant design and offers several innovative features, such as:


The Autonomous desk is suitable for persons who prefer to sit for long hours or stand and stretch their legs. It has four programmable settings, with heights ranging from 29.4” to 48”.

Choose from any of these heights, achieve your optimal working position, and save your preferences. And since the whole assembly is motorized, all you have to do is press the button to lower or lift it.


This Autonomous standing desk is made of premium quality materials. Its unmatched core strength core easily supports around 265 lbs., with an industrial steel frame. The design and build have UL, BIFMA, EMC, and other relevant certifications. Priced at $499, with a 30-day return policy, this intelligent desk proves to be a cost-effective option.

Lift Mechanism

The electric dual-motor system makes the lift functionality effortless and efficient. With an impressive lift speed of 1.1” per second, it can go from sit-to-stand positions noise-free. Even when lifting the maximum load, the desk stays rock-solid and moves smoothly, putting no effort on your skeleton. However, experts advise against overloading it to prolong its lifespan. 


This advanced standing desk is available in 16-plus colors and looks sleek and modern in your office. With a minimalistic design, the black, grey, and white frame choices perfectly blend into the interiors. Regardless of your workplace type – conventional, contemporary, or home office – the desk takes up less space.

Accommodating and assembling the desk is straightforward, and there is ample room for your system and accessories. This Autonomous SmartDesk Core review assures you that the surface won’t feel congested or cramped.

Rewarding Work Experiences Guaranteed with ErgoChair Pro

Calling the ErgoChair Pro simply an ergonomic piece of office furniture would be a disservice. Whether you are an avid gamer, editor, music mixer, this chair provides the right posture settings. Reduce your fatigue levels with adequate support to your head, neck, spine, shoulders, arms, and legs.

In this Autonomous Ergochair Pro review, you can find learn about the below multi-functional options:

Even Pressure Distribution

Supporting all body shapes and sizes, the ErgoChair Pro provides uniform and dynamic pressure distribution for up to 300 lbs. With round-edged contours, it ensures that the lumbar region remains stress-free and you have improved blood circulation. The synchronized title allows the chair to move back and forth at a 2:1 ratio, preventing fatigue.


Design elements like a 22-degree recline, adjustable tension, and five key lockable positions are engineered to perfection. The ErgoChair Pro has undergone rigorous testing for structural integrity and earned the esteemed BIFMA certification. So, you can be sure that it lasts longer and offers the same service as at the time of purchase.


The 10-degree tilt and 45-degree adjustable headrest ensure that no matter how much you recline, your neck doesn’t strain. Also, your pelvis remains neutral, preventing stiffness, hunching, and future postural issues. The flexible lumbar cushioning offers tailored support to your body’s unique shape and the spine’s natural curvature.

Premium Materials

An ultra-breathable woven mesh for the lumbar region keeps you fresh for longer hours. Autonomous prides itself in using recyclable and premium materials that are soft but supportive. Dependable construction and versatile mechanisms allow you to lean back, adjust the height, and stretch without straining your muscles.

Choose Ergonomic and Responsive Furniture with Autonomous

From this SmartDesk Core and ErgoChair Pro review, you can quickly gather the amazing benefits of owning Autonomous products. Enhance your gaming or work sessions with optimum comfort and productivity. You can get these inexpensive items delivered within two days, based on your location.

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