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When sending holiday gifts to employees outside your office, it’s easy to feel disorganized and overwhelmed. You don’t want to send the same item that might result in unethical issues like favouritism or bribery. But with some planning and research, you can ensure that your gift will be a hit and that you’re sending the correct items. Here are five tips for sending holiday gifts to international and remote employees:

1. Build A Budget

When sending holiday gifts to your remote workforce, you only want the best for your employees. However, this might mean that you’re likely to go overboard, especially with the price of the gifts, because you want to make them feel appreciated. If you have a budget, you can avoid splurging on these gifts and still be able to send them something thoughtful.

As you build a budget, you must figure out how much your company can spend on holiday gifts. You can do this by listing all the employees receiving a gift and determining your spending amount per person. This can help you choose a more affordable gift that’d fit your budget without reducing the value of gift-giving.

2. Learn About Customs And Shipping Costs

As you send holiday gifts overseas, some things need to consider before starting your order. You might have to deal with expenses like customs fees and shipping costs. And if you’re not aware of these regulations and fees, you might meet delays and unexpected additional costs. So, you need to be aware of the different options available for shipping gifts internationally and what they entail. You can check out the other websites to find information on how much it might cost to ship a particular item. During this research, you’ll also learn how long things might take to reach their destination.

You can look at their taxes and duties policies and any other fees that may apply when sending items outside your region. If you live in the United States (US) and you’re shipping to employees from the United Kingdom (UK), you can learn about the import requirements by checking blogs from UPakWeShip UK. This gives you a guideline for avoiding customs duty in the UK.

3. Don’t Forget Personalization

Another way to make your workers feel special through holiday gifts is by personalization. This is especially important if you don’t know the person or if it’s the first time you’ve interacted with them. It shows that you took the time to learn about them and care about their well-being, not just a human working machine.

You can personalize holiday gifts by including a personal message on the card. You may include a small memento like a photo from their social media profiles to make them feel more special. Either way, this will go a long way in helping your employees feel appreciated during the holidays.

4. Buy In Bulk

If you want to save up when gifting remote employees, consider purchasing the items in bulk. This can help you save money on shipping and other expenses. You can get better deals when buying in bulk because stores often charge higher prices for smaller items too.

You can buy in bulk in your local retail stores or check different e-commerce stores online. Some manufacturers often give discounts on the items, which makes them even more affordable. You can also check if there are any promotions at your local retail store where you’d be eligible for free shipping or discounted prices on purchases. If this is the case, it’s a great way to save money on holiday gifts for remote employees.

5. Give Them Digital Gift Cards

Sending digital gift cards is the easiest way to reward loyalty and show appreciation for their hard work. You can easily send these cards through email or text, and they’ll be delivered instantly. Aside from that, you can also benefit from zero shipping costs, which helps you save up for holiday gift-giving.

When buying digital gift cards for your remote employees, you can choose from a wide range of available options. This allows you to give them the perfect gift that they need and want at the same time. Nonetheless, make sure to purchase from trusted sources so that your employees won’t end up with fake cards that won’t work at all.

Key Takeaway

Giving gifts to your workforce is a good sign that you care about them more than just your staff. This gesture might make them feel appreciated, encouraging them to stay within your organization. But you must ensure that you’re giving the right items to your employees to ensure that you’re keeping it professional.

You can do this by considering these five tips. This way, you can save up while avoiding extra costs without sacrificing the value of your holiday gifts.

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