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The vast majority of workplaces are quite busy and this means that the restrooms would get a significant amount of traffic. However, even though your employees and customers would regularly use the toilet, they likely don’t think too much about it.

Most people don’t talk about the restroom since it is a space that is used to take care of personal hygiene and relieve oneself. If there are conversations about it, these conversations are typically quite short in comparison to other types of office conversations. In most cases, it is only the cleaner that will think about the restroom area.

However, toilets should not be taken for granted since they usually have millions of germs and bacteria. These germs and bacteria in the office toilets should not be spread throughout the office building. So, to ensure that this doesn’t happen, we will now cover a couple of tips that everyone should follow.

It is absolutely essential that there is soap and liquid soap dispensers in the restroom. These are usually found in public restrooms, however, they should also be provided in office restrooms as well. Once you’ve used the toilet, make sure that you use the soap to thoroughly clean your hands. However, if the soap dispensers are not well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, then this won’t be very effective at keeping the office clean.

Next, seats should be provided for every toilet where people can sit on. Make sure that these seats are regularly checked to ensure that they are well maintained and the hinges in particular are still working as they should. They should not only be maintained but cleaned very regularly. It is also advised that seat covers should also be provided.

In office restrooms, toilet paper is a must-have and there should always be a clean supply. In addition to toilet paper, paper towels that are disposable should also be provided. Other things that should be provided include hot air blowers as well as cloth towels. The hot air blowers should be well maintained to ensure they are always clean and working well. The bins and sanitary bins in the toilet should also be monitored so that they don’t overflow since this would be quite unhygienic.

The cleaner or caretaker of the office restroom should be given a list that includes all of the tasks they need to do to clean and maintain the toilet. The Facility Manager or Health and Safety Advisor is responsible for proving them with this list.

Once the office restroom is well maintained and kept clean throughout the day, every day, this will go a long way in improving cleanliness. It will also encourage your employees and customers to maintain good hygiene when using the restroom.

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