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Moving into your first flat, house, halls of residence, whatever space it may be is always an exciting time but alongside excitement can often be stress as you’re packing up your life and moving to a new place. The list of things to remember to do and get ready to do can soon become quite long and keeping track of everything can soon get quite difficult which is why I’ve compiled this list of essential items that will help to keep the stress to a minimum. Most of it comes down to preparedness which is easy to accomplish but it always helps to tick off a checklist and make sure that everything is ready to go. These 10 items will ensure that the process is a smooth one and hopefully provide that peace of mind and you may even enjoy the moving process!

1 – Overnight Bag

This is an overnight bag with a twist. This bag contains essential belongings for your first night such as you would have in an overnight bag: a change of clothes, phone charger, wash bag, etc. but also packed within are items such as confidential documents, valuables, jewellery, laptop, camera and things of this nature. In my experience, having these items all in one bag that was with me throughout the move really helped to have to hand amidst the chaos of having everything else boxed up. 

2 – Cleaning Supplies

Being able to do a quick clean, on a countertop, in the bathroom or wherever may need it, is always beneficial. Keeping some cleaning supplies and kitchen towel available for when you arrive will be a massive help. Keeping your new place clean during the moving process is always a positive and is something that shouldn’t be neglected. Just being able to quickly clear up a food stain is a relief rather than having to rush to a shop to buy some stain remover and add an extra task to an already busy schedule. 

3 – Bags

Plastic or otherwise, having a number of bags available is essential when moving house. They can act as a bin or a way to quickly organise clothes or other items. So handy to have a few bags just when you need to carry a few last minute items or gather loose belongings for removal or just to get out the way. They become a quick fix in a number of situations.

4 – Boxes

Just like having bags, cardboard boxes are the essential item for packing away belongings and moving them with ease. The simple cardboard box quickly becomes a workhorse during the moving process. Whether you decide to make the move yourself or to employ a professional removals service, cardboard boxes will be a key part of the move. Especially in transit, boxes keep your possessions safe, are easy to transport and also relatively easy to pick up and move as long as they’re not overloaded! 

5 – Tea and Coffee

This was something I learned during my first move: being able to take a 10-minute tea or coffee break was hugely important for me which is why I’ve added it to this list. Perhaps not an essential just like the others are but one that’s certainly worth having available. 

6 – Scissors and Marker Pens

These two are very useful to have from packing to unpacking. Labelling boxes with their contents and if it’s fragile, soft etc. is extremely useful to know what to pack into the car/ van or for the removals service to know what items need to be moved with care. Scissors also have their place in the moving process and they’re a handy tool to have for a lot of miscellaneous moving activities.

7 – Toiletries 

This continues on from the overnight bag section where the wash bag is already packed. Keeping certain toiletries readily available is a must when arriving to a new home but this is probably a category that goes without saying. Nevertheless it makes the list because keeping the bathroom stocked is of the utmost importance. 

8 – Toolbox

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a fully-stocked toolbox but the main tools such as a screwdriver and measuring tape are really helpful. You may need to disassemble and then reassemble certain appliances or furniture in order to transport or lift them safely. Also, knowing the dimensions of your new home’s doorway/ staircase for example is very important when trying to fit larger items through it. You may also keep packing tape, gaffa tape in a toolbox which you’d be surprised at how useful they can be: sealing up boxes, holding things together, providing a temporary fix on loose fixtures etc. 

This list of essentials should hopefully prepare you for the big day when all your life is packed up, put in transit and then unpacked at a new location. As with any list, some of these may not apply in every situation but there are still plenty that will. Hopefully this will serve to make your moving day as stress-free as possible!

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