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Having a good night’s sleep is very important. If you feel tired in the morning, your whole day will be long and hard. That is why getting a good night’s sleep is something we all wish to have constantly.

On one hand, there are situations that you cannot control, like having babies and toddlers. Parents of terrible sleepers know very well the feeling when you are up the whole night while your precious child doesn’t want to sleep. Oh yes, I know, I have been there!

But, on the other hand, many other situations can be controlled. Do not let yourself be exhausted, try to find the main reason for your bad night’s sleep. If you don’t sleep well for one or two nights – it is okay, but if that keeps continuing – it can affect your health. Don’t mention the overall mood you can have during the day. It can also affect your productivity and your ability to work and function normally.

If you are one of these people who is desperate to get a good night’s sleep, you are at the right place! We have made you a list of things to do in order to get a better night’s sleep.

7 ways to get a better night’s sleep

  1. Do not drink coffee late in the day

It is well-known fact that caffeine can affect your sleep. Some researchers say that drinking one cup of coffee 0,3, or even 6 hours before going to bed can significantly disturb your sleep. Even if you drink coffee 6 hours before your bedtime, caffeine can reduce your sleep by more than one hour. If that happens over multiple nights it can have detrimental effects on your daytime function.

  1. Eat, but not too much

Never go to bed hungry! You probably know that feeling when you lay down in your bed and you feel your stomach is empty. That will postpone your sleep for sure. You should eat in the evening, not very late, and not too much. If you eat late at the night it may negatively affect your sleep quality. So, make a balance – don’t eat a large meal before bedtime, take a  little snack a few hours before it and it can help you get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Start a sleep ritual

Do you remember when you were a child and you had a bath, you brushed your teeth and mom read you a story before falling asleep? That is a sleep ritual! Even when you grow up, having a sleep ritual is a great thing! When our body and mind get used to some activities, they will know it is time to go to sleep. Drink a cup of hot milk! Take a long bath! Read! Or just listen to some calm music! Make your sleep ritual!

  1. Get a new comfortable bed

If you have an old, uncomfortable bed it can be the reason why you don’t sleep well! Consider buying the quietest bed frames, get a new mattress, and a new comfortable pillow – and you will get the sleep you want for such a long time! A comfortable bed reduces back pain, shoulder pain, and back stiffness, and it is a proven fact that it improves sleep quality!

  1. Reduce long daytime naps

If you practice long or irregular daytime naps, be sure that can affect your night’s sleep! Your internal clock can get pretty confused if you take those naps. The result will be that you can struggle to sleep at night! Try also to avoid late naps, the body needs to be awake for enough time in order to go to sleep again. Just like babies, adults need to have some routine in this, too!

  1. Optimize bedroom environment

If you wonder what a bedroom environment is, let us explain it first and how that can affect your night’s sleep. Furniture arrangement, noise, external lights, and temperature are considered as bedroom environment. Studies show that these factors are crucial for getting a better night’s sleep. Noise is one of the key factors for sleeping well – especially if you can hear loud traffic all night long. Also, light can be the reason why you do not sleep very well. Reduce all these factors and go to sleep like a queen/king!

  1. Relax and clear your mind before going to bed

Meditation is one of the ways to clear your mind! It can help your overall human being to feel better! People often say that a relaxing massage also helps them to sleep better. Or relaxing music, reading a book, deep breathing, or taking a hot bath. These are just examples of what you can do to relax properly and completely clear your tired mind. You will sleep better for sure!


Getting a good night’s sleep is a very important thing! If you do not sleep well for a long time, it can affect your daily functionality and you will probably start to feel bad at one point. Lack of sleep can also cause health problems! Hopefully, our tips will help you to find a way to get a better night’s sleep!

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