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Remote work is becoming a way of life in 2021, which means that there has been a dramatic shift in the kinds of jobs that you can get if you are looking for this kind of work. Remote jobs used to require tenure with the company, or that you have an IT degree backing you. Not today!

Many new industries are branching out into remote work and you can join the increasing number of people who are working at home if that is what you have always dreamed of doing. Read on to learn about the fastest-growing remote careers for 2021!

Fast-Growing Careers For Remote Jobs in 2021

Working from home has shown itself to improve productivity and increase job satisfaction. This is because workers are more comfortable at home and are able to better balance their work-life and daily life needs. Due to the data that was collected out of necessity, companies have realized that recruiting employees for remote work is the way of the future and have started to make adjustments to make this the new normal.

1.       Marketing Jobs

This type of job has almost always offered a lot of flexibility when you reached the management level but was formerly a very office-centric career path for anyone who was not a supervisor team leader. Now, however, even those working on the marketing team itself are able to work from home. This has opened up many opportunities for this kind of job that did not exist before and has allowed marketing companies to diversify the way that they work on jobs.

Marketing and promotion work is increasingly focused on social media and website functionality, so working from home is far more attainable than in the days of drawing ad campaign examples by hand. Combine that with the ability to store the resources needed to complete any marketing campaign’s research and management on project management platforms and applications, and you have the ability to get more work done than ever.

Many marketing jobs will now require workers to wear more hats, but this also means that there is less boredom associated with the job. Advancement is more likely to be in reach with this remote work model as well because managing this style of workload remotely necessitates creating small teams that all need their own managers.

2.       Administrative Jobs

Gone are the days of on-site management who watched over the activities of their team from their office. Nowadays, even if you have employees who are working at a set location in person, you can manage many of the necessary leadership functions for your team without having to be in the same location as your employees.

Payroll, timecards, and hiring functionalities were already mostly stored online before the pandemic, making it an easy transition to move managers home for good. Employees are only a phone call away and the potential need for face-to-face interaction for meetings can be resolved by having one set office location that is convenient for everyone to go to for these in-person events.

3.       Human Resources

Other than the people who are located on-site to handle face-to-face conflict resolution, many human resources jobs have been moved to remote-only status. Going through hire documents and even conducting interviews, does not need to be done in person these days with Skype and other team meeting applications.

Hiring and recruiting has never been easier now that you can do most of your work at home, and many companies are taking advantage of technology to move their large HR departments home. Benefits discussions and other complex questions that employees might have were typically handled via written communication like email, so there has been no change to this portion of the job despite the rise of remote work.

4.       Mortgage

Banking and mortgage jobs are also increasingly being moved to remote work. Banking has traditionally been slow to adopt technological solutions for work processes, but this sector has been growing ever more adept at leveraging technology during the last five years.

Now that banking entities know that their employees can work from home and get more done, they are willing to move mortgage-based jobs to a remote-only model. Mortgage requires skill and patience and attention to detail, so moving this kind of highly motivated and well-educated employee home has not caused any issues for banking industries with compliance.

An additional benefit for banks related to an increase in work from home jobs is that they can give up the many expensive buildings that they have traditionally paid for, and cut back to simple teller locations for simple transactions.

5.       Project Management

This was already a space that was increasingly moving toward having many remote work opportunities, but the events of 2020 have made it clear that this job actually functions better when done remotely. Project managers have to work at odds hours of the day and are called upon to work long hours, so working from home dramatically increases the amount of work that these professionals can accomplish in a workday.

The other benefit to working from home in project management is that you are often able to set your own hours and you have the freedom to be able to do outreach on your projects at times that are more convenient for the other parties involved. Being unable to come in to the office late at night or early in the morning hindered project managers in the past, but is no obstacle now.

Remote Work is the Way of the Future

If you have always wanted to work from home, now is the time for you to make the switch from an office job to a remote work job. There are many new career options out there that used to be limited to in-office work, and you can be among the first people to work in these roles from the comfort of your home.

Healthcare, banking, and even call center jobs are all available as remote work career options now, and many people have never been happier to go to work each day. This has been a positive trend for many careers and businesses, and there is great promise for improvements to be made to the remote work reality over the course of 2021.