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According to experts at Indeed, employees should aim to change jobs every one to three years. They also suggest that some employers think it’s best to change careers at least every three years. 

Recent research by the International Career Institute (ICI), an independent and private provider of online education, surveyed 1000 people across the UK to find out their career confessions. 

They found that overall people’s top reason to start a career was due to financial reasons with 41% of respondents choosing this option. 

This statistic was mainly made up of men where 45% chose financial reasons as being the most popular reason for going into a career.

For comparison, the majority of female respondents (43%) chose passion and determination.

In addition, data from the survey revealed the regrets and dream careers that people across all ages have experienced. 

So, what are the elements the majority of Brits are looking for when going into a new career?

The Most Important Elements Of A Dream Job

Out of the 1000 people surveyed, ICI found the main elements of what the majority of Brits are looking for in their dream careers. 

The top five answers people gave the most responses to were having flexible hours (58%), a higher salary (49%), a healthy work culture (36%), remote working (33%) and a good pension package (30%). 

These findings show that more people are searching for a job role that gives them the flexibility to have a better work-life balance. 

This should come as no surprise, given that the majority of respondents (68%), found having a work-life balance to be extremely important. 

Overall, their research indicated that most people have gone into the new year focusing on job roles where they feel valued, rather than thinking about career progression as their main priority.

Only 17% chose this option as an important thing for their dream job to include. 

As many of us are about to leave our old jobs behind and find something new this year, does the nation have any regrets regarding their careers?

What Are Some Of The Career Regrets Brits Have?

When going into finding a new career, there may be some aspects that some people will be looking for when going into a new role. 

But what are the main regrets many have had from previous job roles?

The top five career regrets found by ICI were working too much (39%), staying in a job too long (31%), didn’t ask for a promotion / pay rise (30%), working in the wrong industry (27%) and not speaking up about problems at work (23%).

The majority of women aged 18-34 chose their regrets were not asking for a promotion or pay rise (42%). 

Whereas men from the age of 18 to over 54, responded by choosing working too much as their main regret (40%).

There was a contrast between male and female responses to this question, as their findings show women aged over 54 responded by stating they regretted working too much (38%).

Whereas women aged 45-54 regretted not speaking up about problems at work (29%). When starting the job search process to find a new job this year, The International Career Institutes findings on the nation’s career regrets have found overall people are dreaming of a better work-life culture instead of chasing career progression.

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