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4 Useful Assessment Tools for HR Professionals in 2021

Recruiting new employees is a challenging task, but there are many assessment tools that can help to simplify the process. There are personality tests, integrity tests, physical performance tests and more. Let’s take a look at 4 useful assessment tools for HR professionals in 2021:

  1. The Caliper Profile

The Caliper Profile is a test that aims to forecast what the subjects’ future workplace behaviours and potential would probably be like. You can use it to make an estimation of how well each of your candidates would be likely to fit into the jobs they are applying for.

The test is designed to be useful in multiple countries and is available in more than 24 languages, one of which is UK English. The test’s creators have made a concerted effort to ensure that the test scoring takes the worker’s country and culture into consideration by means of using cultural norm groups.

  1. Testdome

Testdome is a platform that allows you to administer job skills tests to prospective employees. Many of their tests focus on programming and IT skills. If you’re wondering whether your prospective employees are truly competent at programming in languages such as Python, Ruby or Java, you can use Testdome to find out. 

This company also makes other types of tests available including testing for time management, project management, math, mechanical engineering, English comprehension and other subjects. Quite a few of their tests are recent additions that will be useful to recruiters and employers in 2021.

Testdome and other similar skills-based tests have one major limitation: They test for current abilities, and they might not be able to give you much in the way of specific insights regarding how fast a candidate is able to learn new skills. In a change-driven industry such as IT, a fast learner who hasn’t been trained yet may be more valuable to your organisation than a well-trained individual who learns slowly would be – so do keep this in mind when you perform your assessments.

  1. Free Career Quiz: What Kind of Career Best Suits You?

The career experts at Training AU make this free career quiz available for people who are seeking clarity about the career that would be best suited for them. It’s intended for students, prospective students and career changers, but it could also potentially be useful for career counsellors, recruiters, temp agencies and other HR professionals in various situations. In particular, if you ever have a need to find the best role at your organisation for temporary hires or interns, or if you ever have to work at reassigning employees who are no longer needed in their current roles, this test could potentially be of help in situations such as those.

  1. The English Quiz

Does your company recruit employees from outside the UK? If so, you might want to take a look at the English Quiz.This platform is useful at times when you need to assess prospective employees’ competence with writing or speaking the English language.

There are many other assessment tools available that are similar to these; so if the examples highlighted above are not exactly the tools you have in mind, be aware that you will be able to find many others if you are inclined to go searching for them.

In any case, do be aware that tests such as these can have limitations in addition to the ones mentioned above. There are people who are simply not good test takers; and there are tests that might be racially biased or otherwise discriminatory. If you use assessment tools such as these, it’s worthwhile to try to avoid tests that are discriminatory or otherwise unfair. It’s also crucial to consider such test results as being only a minor part of each candidate’s profile. You want to be sure of taking each person’s entire profile into consideration as you recruit new employees.