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Many businesses rely on Microsoft Excel, hence why this data analytical tool is often viewed as the unicorn of spreadsheets. Despite its simplistic appearance, Excel can be used to tackle both simple solutions to complex tasks such as complicated financial models and computations to offer you real-time understandable information quickly. But before you can get the best out of Excel, you need to understand how to use this software.

Fortunately, you can find many online classes after doing a simple internet search. However, not all of these classes are ideal as some are suited for beginners, while others are best for persons somewhat familiar with this software. It’s for this reason that we’ve dived into the best ways to learn Excel online. 

  1. Excel For Windows Training 

Because Excel is a spreadsheet software program belonging to Microsoft, then it makes sense that they’re one of the online courses you need to consider right from the start. The Excel for Windows training is divided into three categories, and these include; 

  • For novice users: You’re trained on simple things such as creating a chart to basic math.
  • For intermediate users: This teaches you things such as conditional formatting and sorting and filtering data. 
  • For advanced users: This covers advanced IF functions, pivot tables and ways to safeguard workbooks and worksheets.  

This online training covers a comprehensive library of instructional videos and tutorials, taking you through the various Excel features and interfaces. Some of the basics you’ll be taken through include; 

  • Row, column and cell management
  • Formulas
  • Tables 
  • Functions 
  • How to cooperate with others on the same document 
  • How to use charts   

However, this training doesn’t cover more in-depth tutorials, but this is acceptable considering it’s free. If you wish to familiarize yourself with more in-depth and complex features, you can also take some Excel training from Acuity Training or other online institutions based in the UK, to improve your efficiency of using the software, and better further your career.

  1. Udemy’s Microsoft Excel From Beginner To Advanced 

If you’re searching for a comprehensive Microsoft Excel online class, look no further. This Excel course is taught by Kyle Pew, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Office Certified Expert who boasts more than 18 years of experience in online and live training. Using his extensive experience, Pew takes you through a step-by-step guide to ensure you have a solid foundation.

This online course has over 37 downloadable resources and more than 18 hours of video content costs $129.99. These contents usually things such as; 

  • Master common Microsoft Excel functions such as AVERAGE, SUM, VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, to name a few. 
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Excel PivotTables to generate dynamic reports    
  • Guide how to create efficient spreadsheets   
  • How to automate daily Excel tasks including VBA and Macros 
  • Guide to use Microsoft Excel’s AddIn, PowerPivot tools   

Upon paying, you get lifetime access to everything. Therefore, you can always come back to remind yourself of anything that you might have forgotten along the way. This training covers four Excel courses, including; 

  • Microsoft Excel 101: It’s an introduction and ideal for beginners and covers fundamentals such as common MS Excel shortcuts, creating spreadsheets, excel print options, Excel interface, and formatting data. 
  • Microsoft Excel 102: This level is recommended for the intermediate user and goes over topics such as pivot tables, importing and exporting data, data validation, how to work with list functions, plus sorting and filtering data. 
  • Microsoft Excel 103: It targets advanced users looking to learn topics such as lookup functions, auditing Excel formulas, text-based functions, advanced MS Excel formulas, safeguarding Excel sheets, among others. 
  • Master Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA: This is a detailed review of VBA and macros to know how to create VBA processes, ways to automate MS Excel tasks and a lot more.
  1. Microsoft Excel Essentials (Skillshare) 

This Microsoft Excel course, which costs between $8.25 to $19, is an excellent place to start when looking to start your journey to better understand this program. Under the tutelage of Allan Jarvis, a management trainer and business consultant, understanding MS Excel can become a lot easier. This is made possible because Jarvis uses teaching methods that are easy to follow, even for the more complicated topics. It makes sense to see why over 10,000 students looking to learn Excel sought his services. 

The Microsoft Excel Essentials training course lasts for more than four hours. Allan’s approachable nature means his informative videos will undoubtedly help you quickly understand how to use Excel. In addition, you can find more than 50 bite-sized lectures with PDF instructional materials and downloadable source files. You can also access a course forum where you interact with Jarvis and other students on any issue relating to Excel.      

If you’re completely unfamiliar with Excel, this course is a great place to start to get a comprehensive introduction. One advantage of this course is that it comes with a one-month free trial, so you try it out to gauge whether it’s an ideal pick. 

  1. Excel Skills For Business Specialization (Coursera)  

If you’re looking to develop advanced Excel skills, this Excel certification is the right pick. It covers four levels of Excel topics: Essentials, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced. The online course focuses on helping you know how to use Excel to address business challenges by studying different topics such as data forecasts, Pivot tables, building dashboards, and Macros needed to ensure the success of your business. This course runs for six weeks, and each week you’ll need to set aside between two to four hours. While this is certainly a huge time commitment, it’s indeed worth it. 

Once you’re done with this online course, you’ll have a solid idea of how to carry out complicated calculations using advanced Excel techniques and features, as well as ways to design complex spreadsheets such as professional dashboards. You’ll also learn valuable skills that can help you avoid errors in spreadsheets, validate data, apply advanced formulas and create automation. 


Microsoft Excel is used across a broad range of careers from scientists, accountants, marketing experts and many other specialists. Therefore, learning how to use this software gives you an added advantage when searching for a job and also increases your worth within your company. If this is what you’re looking to accomplish, you certainly need to learn or improve your understanding of Microsoft Excel. This detailed guide has laid out some of the best ways to learn Excel online; it’s up to you which one you choose to try.

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